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Users No Longer Access Their Accounts on Facebook and Instagram

Thousands have been logged out of their Facebook accounts, with Instagram also reportedly down this afternoon.

The social media platforms owned by Meta appear to be experiencing an outage with people reporting they have been logged out of their accounts and told their passwords are incorrect.

These complaints on Down Detector are not only limited to Pakistan, but similar complaints have also been reported in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

Along with Facebook, Instagram accounts have also been logged out. Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few minutes,” Facebook shows when someone tries to log back in.

Facebook users are being asked to log in again but are not managing to successfully get logged back in. Over 50,000 people have complained of issues according to Downdetector.

Instagram users were being met with a different message that told them it ‘couldn’t load’ their feed. Users took to social media to vent their frustrations and concerns. As one person wrote: “I got a message saying Facebook will send me a text message to log back in but the text message isn’t arriving.”

Downdetector is showing a spike in people reporting problems logging into Facebook. And Instagram, which began a few minutes ago. A number of people have also reported being locked out of Whatsapp – which is also owned by Meta.

Graph on Down Detector of problem complaints with Facebook in Australia. FB accounts around the world have suddenly been logged out. After which users are unable to login again.

In Pakistan this problem started around 8 PM. Initially, users thought that their account had been hacked. But after a while, complaints started pouring in on popular website. Down Detector, while people on Twitter also complained of being logged out.

Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran
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