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Sophia Siddiqui


Sophia holds M.Phil. in media studies and pursuing for Ph.d degree in Media Studies. She have double Master’ degree in Mass Communions and Gender Studies from a renowned university. Her academic background has provided her with a solid foundation in the principles of journalism and effective communication. Sophia's career in journalism began in her early twenties when she joined a Radio Pakistan as presenter/RJ. Over the years, she enhanced her skills in journalism completed her Masters’ in Mass Communication in 2013. She further enhanced her skills of reporting, broadcasting and feature writing. Her dedication to accurate, insightful reporting quickly earned her recognition and respect among her peers and readers. As her career advanced, Sophia transitioned to the world of international journalism and worked with BBC, CNN like prestige media outlets as journalist, fixer and editor. She not only covered domestic issues of Pakistan but also have eyes on international development. She had been covered major global events like OIC, World Economic Forum, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and SAARC conference. Sophia has also conducted in-depth interviews with world leaders, and reported from conflict zones. Sophia has also lent her expertise to various international forums and organizations, where she has worked as a communication specialist. Some of those organizations are Fauji Foundation, Nutshell Communications, and National Disaster Management Authority. Her role involves crafting strategic communication plans, managing media relations, and ensuring that important messages reach their intended audiences. She have been youth peace ambassador for Afghanistan. Sophia has received numerous awards and grants for her journalism, including several journalism excellence awards for her reporting on global issues on women, health and human rights. She is known for her commitment to ethical journalism and her dedication to promoting truth and transparency in media.

Kifayat Rodani

Content Head

Kifayat Rodani is a well-known Pakistani Drama Writer. His recent drama serial IDIOT is well performing on Green Tv. He is best known for drama serials as ,Sadori, Mi Raqsam, Kash Mein Teri Beti Na Hoti, Do Qadam Door Thay, Mann Ke Moti, My Dear Sotan, and Khafa Khafa Zindagi. He also wrote and directed a short film named ‘BLIND’ which won 4 international awards.

Ayub Khoso

Chief Creator

Ayub Khoso, a veteran Pakistani actor of both film and television, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with a career that spans over three remarkable decades. His contributions to the world of acting have solidified his position as a distinguished name in Pakistan's entertainment landscape. Ayub belongs to Balochistan and started his carrer from PTV Quetta station about four decades before. Throughout his career, Ayub Khoso has been predominantly associated with television, where he has graced screens with his extraordinary talent. His performances in numerous television dramas and series have garnered acclaim, earning him a dedicated fan base. Ayub Khoso is not only celebrated for his on-screen talents but also for his contributions to the overall growth of Pakistani entertainment. His dedication to the craft of acting and his unwavering commitment to his art have earned him respect from peers and admirers alike.

Farooq Mengal


Farooq Mengal is a visionary film director known for his captivating storytelling and innovative cinematic approach. With a passion for bringing stories to life on the silver screen, Farooq has left an indelible mark on the Pakistani film industry. Mengal is a talented and dynamic film director with a unique vision and a keen eye for detail. Hailing from Quetta Blochiatan, he has garnered acclaim for his work in both independent and mainstream cinema. Tawar-e-Pakistan is taking pride in having him on Board. Farooq Mengal's distinctive vision will help us lead the right stories from Balochistan Engage with Farooq Mengal on social media platforms to get a glimpse into his life beyond the camera. Follow him on @farouq.mengal.