Sunday, June 16, 2024

About Tawar-e-Pakistan

Tawar-e-Pakistan is a platform dedicated to shaping the future of Pakistan, with a particular focus on the youth of Balochistan and the nation as a whole.

Tawar” is a word, picked from Brahvi language spoken in Pakistan’s largest province Balochistan. It means “voice”. We hope to be the voice of 300 Mn people heard over across the globe 🌍. Primarily, we are working to highlight the  untold stories of Pakistan through our vlogs and social media platforms.

Our mission is to provide insightful news, inspire change, and empower the youth by delivering relevant and engaging content on a wide range of topics, including health, fitness, career guidance, and the latest news across the globe.

We aim to be the voice of hope and progress, guiding the youth towards a brighter tomorrow. Our objectives are to inform, educate, and inspire the future leaders of Pakistan through well-researched news articles, inspiring stories, and practical guidance on health, fitness, and career development/ progression.

With the theme *_”It’s about Future”_*, we aspire to be the catalyst for positive change, fostering a generation that is well-informed, healthy, and motivated to shape a prosperous future for themselves and their nation.

We believe we can  contribute for better, for humanity.

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