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Gwadar Flood Affecteess Will Receive Financial Settlements

PM Shahbaz Sharif announced Rs 20 lakh. For the families of those who died in the recent rains in Kamlik and Rs 5 lakh for the injured.

Gwadar March 5 (APP). PM Shahbaz Sharif has announced an aid of 2 million rupees to the families of those. Who died in the recent rains in the country and 5 lakh rupees to the injured. The assistance will continue until the resettlement, public service is the duty of the government. The owners of completely destroyed houses will be compensated 7.5 lakh rupees. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif visited Gwadar. Which was affected by the recent stormy rains, a day after taking oath as the Prime Minister on Tuesday. On this occasion, Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti welcomed the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister briefed NDMA Chairman Lt. Gen. Inam Haider Malik

During the flight, the Prime Minister briefed NDMA Chairman Lt. Gen. Inam Haider Malik. On the damage caused by the recent stormy rains in Gwadar and South Balochistan and the ongoing relief operations. The Prime Minister was also given a detailed briefing on the damage. And measures to help the victims in other parts of the country. The Prime Minister directed that a system be developed for early detection of natural calamities. Through modern technology and satellites. An early report should be submitted. On the restoration of the affected communication infrastructure. And a detailed assessment of the damage to private property.

A comprehensive plan should be prepared and presented for the relief. And rehabilitation of the victims of the recent stormy rains. No effort should be spared in the rescue and relief of the victims. Later, the Prime Minister distributed relief materials and checks to the victims in the camp set up for the victims. On this occasion, a detailed briefing was given to the PM Shahbaz Sharif about the damages caused by the rains.

The PM Shahbaz Sharif was told that 3100 houses were affected in Gwadar due to recent rains

125 houses were damaged in Jiwani, 25 in Pisni, 260 in Sansar. 93 houses were completely destroyed. 200 animals were damaged by the rains. 19 affected highways have been restored. Aid supplies were delivered to remote areas by Navy and Balochistan government helicopters. Medical camps were set up by the army and civil institutions to provide medical facilities to the victims.

On this occasion, PM Shahbaz Sharif. While talking to the victims and the media said that on February 26, stormy rains caused havoc in Gwadar and other parts of Balochistan. Thank God, there was no loss of life in Gwadar. We express our sympathy and condolences to the families of 5 people who died in Balochistan.

We pray for the speedy recovery of the injured. He paid tribute to the Chief Minister of Balochistan. For reaching the affected area of ​​Gwadar immediately. After taking oath and said that the Chief Minister reached here immediately in a difficult time. And helped the victims according to his standards. This is not a favor but our duty as an elected government.

We stand with the victims PM said

Chief Minister Balochistan will redress all the losses under the leadership. He thanked the Pakistan Army, Navy, Coast Guard. PDMA Sindh for their immediate assistance in delivering relief materials. Water evacuation and relief work to the victims. He appreciated the steps taken by the Balochistan government and the local administration. . He said that our religion also orders us to stand with our brothers in times of trouble, we will not fail to fulfill this duty.

He said that due to climate change in 2022. That was a huge loss due to stormy rains and floods in these areas. We reached every affected place at that time and the federal government distributed 100 billion rupees to the victims. We delivered aid to the victims in a fair and transparent manner with the support of our partners and friendly countries. He said that 44 people died in the recent stormy rains across the country. May Allah forgive them. 20 lakh to the family of each dead person, 5 lakh to the injured and 7.5 lakh to the owner of the destroyed house. He announced to give certificates of appreciation to the employees of the institutions and people engaged in relief. And rehabilitation works who have performed well in the recent relief operations.

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