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Flood Delays Sibi Mela In Balochistan

Sibi Mela has been canceled on the order of Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Sarfraz Bugti, DC Sibi

Due to the ravages of rains in Balochistan. Chief Minister Balochistan issued an order to suspend the Sibi Mela until further notice. Which has been complied with, sources said.

On one side, people are becoming homeless due to rains, on the other side. Preparations are being made to celebrate. Chief Minister Balochistan Deputy Commissioner Sabi Par Brahm, sources. Chief Minister Balochistan has ordered that the money released. For the festival should be returned to the treasury department immediately, sources said.

The Chief Minister has ordered Skridi Finance to immediately release the money of the festival. To the Deputy Commissioners for the compensation of the flood victims. And the people of the rain-affected areas, sources said. Half of the province is submerged in floods. Half of the province is celebrating, this cannot happen. Said Balochistan Chief Minister Sarfraz Bugti.

Occasions Cultural in Sibi Mela

In addition to agriculture and industrial goods, various cultural events would be planned to ensure the success of the Mela, such as horse dances, motorcycle jumps, flower shows, national song competitions, folk dances, and animal exhibitions featuring buffaloes, camels, and cows.

In Gwadar, Makran, and the northern and central regions of Balochistan. Torrential rains caused havoc, disrupting daily activities and traffic.

The majority of the areas were submerged last week due to flash floods caused by 30-hour rains. The local government dispatched paramilitary forces to the flood-affected areas. In order to conduct rescue and relief efforts.

In the areas affected by the rain, the Gwadar district administration proclaimed a state of emergency. Houses were flooded, forcing families to relocate to safer areas. The flow of traffic between Gwadar and Karachi stopped.

The sewage system became clogged. A scarcity of potable water was experienced by the populace. Due to the severe disruptions in the supply system. Many of the dykes in Surbandan, Jewany, Palery, and other places. As well as the Gwadar-Peshkan road, have been washed away.

Rain and snowfall in Quetta and many other towns flooded the roads and human settlements. The areas of Quetta, Ziarat, Kalat, Mastung. And Pishin experienced power and gas supply disruptions due to the rain.

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