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Army Leadership Criticises “vested elements” for Causing Political Instability By Fomenting Diversions

Top army officials expressed disappointment on. Tuesday that certain political and social media figures. Were “maligning the armed forces”. By spreading “unsubstantiated allegations of interference” in the election process.

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Asim Munir. Presided over the 263rd Corps Commanders’ Conference at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi. Where the observation was made.

The PTI, Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl. And the Grand Democratic Party all questioned the election’s legitimacy. Before making their statement. Maulana Fazlur Rehman of the JUI-F had claimed that the establishment. “Continues to interfere in the democratic process” in his first press conference after the polls on February 8.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) released a press release today. Stating that the forum took note of the fact that the military “had nothing to do with the electoral process”. And that they only provided a safe environment for the General Election of 2024.

However, the forum expressed dismay at the highly deplorable way. In which certain vested small segments of the media. Particularly social media. Have been maligning the Armed Forces of Pakistan with unfounded accusations of interference.

It stated, “It’s unfortunate that such vested elements’ entire focus is on creating political instability. And uncertainty by attempting to scapegoat others for their own failings.” As opposed to concentrating on real issues like good governance. Economic recovery, political stability, and public well-being.

“Due legal processes” will be followed with evidence and proof, the top brass emphasised. “Rather than resorting to unconstitutional. And uncalled for baseless political rhetoric and emotional outbursts.”

According to the ISPR, the forum expressed satisfaction. With the “smooth democratic transition of power in the Centre and provinces”. And expressed hope that the political and economic stability. That was sought would be brought about by the post-election climate.

The military’s media affairs wing stated. “The forum expressed that it strongly believed that democratic consolidation is the way forward for the country.”

The participants also expressed gratitude for the security forces. Law enforcement, and civil administration’s efforts to assist during the elections on. February 8 “despite overwhelming odds.”

May 9 Riots

The ISPR statement went on to say that the top brass was determined to prosecute. Under the law and the Constitution, “in line with the resolve” of the prime minister. Those who were “planners, instigators, abettors. And perpetrators/desecrators of Shuhada monuments. And attackers of military installations on May 9.”

“Malicious attempts to sow confusion, disinformation, and distortions. In this regard are completely pointless and merely a component of a coordinated campaign. Being launched for limited political interests. To obscure the heinous acts that occurred,” the statement read.

“The forum urged the proud people of Pakistan to remain positive and united. To fully participate in the progress and development of their country. It noted with concern the organised misinformation and fake news being spread. By certain nefarious elements to sow despondency and divisions within the society.”

As we move towards long-term stability, prosperity, and security. “The participants affirmed that the Pakistan Army will continue defending. And serving the nation in every possible way,” the ISPR continued.

Human rights abuses in Gaza and held Kashmir

The forum denounced the “unabated human rights violations. By India” and voiced concerns about the ongoing oppression of Kashmiris in Indian-occupied Jammu. And Kashmir during the meeting.

It reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to supporting Kashmiris on all fronts—politically. Diplomatically, and morally.

Additionally, the senior leadership denounced the “serious human rights violations. And war crimes being perpetrated in Gaza” and expressed “complete solidarity with the people of Palestine.”

“We will continue to support the principled stance of our brethren. For an enduring resolution of the Palestinian issue,” General Munir was quoted by the ISPR as saying. “The Palestinian people have the unequivocal diplomatic. Moral, and political support of the Pakistani nation.”

Terrorists will face the full force of the law said “Army Officials

The army brass also decided to use the “full might of the state”. To deal with terrorists, as well as those who aid and abet them, who are “working on the behest of hostile forces to destabilise Pakistan.”

The ISPR stated, “Commanders were instructed by the COAS. To continue consolidating the gains of efforts against terrorism and militancy.”

“Cognisant of the full spectrum of the challenges and threats. The military leadership remained committed to shoulder its constitutionally mandated responsibilities. With the support of the resilient people of Pakistan,” the statement highlighted from the forum’s affirmation.

Furthermore, the forum pledged to keep offering the government. “Complete support in curbing all illegal activities including smuggling, hoarding. Electricity theft, implementation of One Document Regime and respectable. And safe repatriation of all illegal foreigners in addition. To uplifting the socio-economic growth in the country.”

The ISPR concluded that the COAS instructed field commanders. To keep up high standards of professionalism, operational readiness. And motivation during operations and to strive for excellence when training the formations.

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