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Who is the threat to the Shahbaz government?

The Shahbaz Sharif government, also known as PDM-2, has been established, and the cabinet members have taken their oaths.

The new finance minister has taken charge of his post, and Mohsin Naqvi has emerged as the interior minister. As soon as the Prime Minister and Ministers assumed their positions, they started working and holding meetings. The Prime Minister and the cabinet members have been made to understand that they need to show performance and take Pakistan out of the current economic crisis.

The legitimacy of the government is being questioned due to allegations of election rigging. The support of the establishment is a crucial factor for the stability of any civilian government in Pakistan’s political history. The army has announced its full support to the Shehbaz Sharif government in the last corps commanders’ conference. The experience of the working relationship between Shahbaz Sharif and the current military leadership during the previous PDM government was excellent, and they are expected to work together for the improvement of the economy. The People’s Party, which did not join the federal cabinet, will continue to support the Shahbaz government. Asif Ali Zardari was brought to the President’s House, and some governors, including the Chairman of the Senate, will also be given to the PPP.

The People’s Party may join the cabinet in the future. The only risk to the Shahbaz government is related to the government’s performance. If the government makes the right decisions to deal with economic challenges, it will remain a strong government. However, if the Shahbaz government fails to solve economic problems, it cannot run. The prime minister and his cabinet understand that in case of their failure, the loss will be to Pakistan. To run the country successfully, the ruling class and the elite will have to change their attitudes, and Shahbaz Sharif and his cabinet will have to set an example. The competition is tough, and the Shahbaz government has less time to perform

writing Ansar Abbasi

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