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Top Interesting Facts About Ramadan

Did you know that during the month of Ramadan, there are more benefits for charitable giving? Did you know that the word “heat” is the root of the word “Ramadan”? Sufficiently intriguing? One of the most significant months in the Islamic calendar is Ramadan. For Muslims worldwide, it is a time of fasting, prayer, and introspection. Families get together during this time to pray and consider the lessons found in the Qur’an.

Here are some basic yet fascinating facts about Ramadan compiled by Islamic Help. Continue reading to learn more. This article will provide you a fascinating understanding of this unique month. Covering everything from the history of Ramadan to its spiritual significance.

  • According to the Islamic Calendar, Ramadan occurs in the ninth lunar month. According to the lunar calendar, a number of events, including the sighting of the moon. Determine when a new month begins. For this reason, Ramadan is a monthly rotation, just like all other Islamic months.
  • It is thought that during the month of Ramadan, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Received the revelation of the Holy Qur’an, which serves as a guide for all people.
  • The month of fasting is Ramadan. One of the Five Pillars of Islam is fasting, or sawm.
  • Fasting involves more than just giving up food and liquids. Between the hours of sunrise and sunset. It entails abstaining from a variety of wicked behaviors. Including lying, cursing, harboring malice, and engaging in sexual activity. These may disprove a fast’s legitimacy.

A dua of niyah (intention) is the first prayer said to start a fast

  • Breaking the fast with dates is a popular practice. It is said that dates were used by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to break his fast. However, what exactly is on a date? Dates have numerous health benefits. They are rich in numerous vitamins and nutrients, have natural sugars, are high in fiber. And are great for digestion, among many other benefits!
  • It is a fortunate month to be giving and generous during Ramadan. There is a huge sawab (reward) this month for kindness and generosity. It’s observed as a month of simplicity, humility. And remembering those who are less fortunate than ourselves.
  • A lot of people decide to dedicate this month to Ramadan giving. Some choose to make recurring donations. Others offer their time to one of the numerous campaigns. And still others offer their assistance in raising money for charitable causes.
  • Eid ul-Fitr, a celebration that comes after the fasting period, marks the end of Ramadan. It is regarded as a day of celebration and giving thanks to Allah. For His strength during the spiritual month. It’s a day of thanksgiving, supplication, harmony, and joy.
  • For many, the day’s activities include going to the mosque, praying, seeing loved ones. Exchanging gifts, making charitable contributions, and eating a lot!
  • But in reality, not everyone observes Ramadan in the same way. There are those who observe Ramadan without. Breaking their fast with iftar or starting it with suhoor.

What is the lesson of RAMADAN?

Islamic Help seeks to lessen people’s everyday struggles and hardships worldwide. In addition to helping to alleviate the above-mentioned difficulties. Ramadan is a blessing that month. a period for introspection on purification, religion. Prayer, and remembering those close to us.

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