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Students Clash at Peshawar University Over a Trip Dispute

Students fought and tormented one another, transforming the Peshawar University Economics Department into a wrestling ring. Peshawar University students got into a violent brawl due to a heated disagreement over a scheduled tour, which caused disruption on campus.

Students from the Economics Department’s fourth and sixth semesters got into an argument. The argument about who would organise and participate in the trip swiftly turned into a full-fledged brawl. Video footage of the altercation shows the pupils striking and kicking each other with unexpected force.

The students are seen viciously punching one other in the video, which makes the ferocity of the altercation clear. Some students are shown trying to break up the altercation and restore order despite the violence.

The management of the institution acted quickly and determined who was involved in the altercation. A university representative said, “We have identified the students who took part in this altercation and will take appropriate disciplinary actions against them.”

The management underlined how dedicated it is to preserving a calm and favourable atmosphere for studying. Any actions that jeopardise campus peace will not be accepted. The statement continued, “Strict procedures will be imposed to prevent such events in the future.

A discussion over appropriate behaviour on the part of students and the value of dispute resolution in educational settings has been spurred by this episode. Peshawar University’s efforts to resolve this matter highlight the necessity of a more organised method of handling student activities and complaints.

Social media users saw the footage of the university students fighting go viral. Regarding this, the administration of the university stated that the students were at odds with one another over petty issues. Yesterday, after returning from the tour, there were more fights among the students at the institution. According to the university administration, there was a slight disagreement between the students in their fourth and sixth semesters.

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