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Bahria University Health Sciences Campus held its 10th convocation in Karachi

The principal guest of the ceremony was Admiral Naveed Ashraf, the Chief of the Pakistan Navy. The graduating students received 283 degrees in total, including MPhil, MBBS, BDS, BS (Nursing), Doctor of Physical Therapy, and BS Medical Lab Technology at Bahria University.

For their exceptional academic achievement, ten students will receive Gold Medals and ten will receive Silver Medals. The Naval Chief congratulated the teachers, parents, and students during his speech at the event.

The Navy Chief underlined that in their professional endeavors, students must prioritize the spirit of service to humanity. It is admirable that Bahria University Health Sciences Campus offers top-notch instruction to students, particularly for their research and development endeavors.

Parents of graduating students, Bahria University officials, civil dignitaries, and senior Pakistan Navy officers attended the ceremony. For their exceptional academic achievement, ten students received gold medals and ten received silver medals.

Parents of the graduating students as well as senior naval officers, civil dignitaries, and Naval University representatives attended the ceremony.

The naval chief thanked the students, their parents, and their teachers during his speech at the ceremony. He also urged the students to prioritize the spirit of service to humanity in their professional endeavors.

He was grateful for the university’s efforts to give students top-notch instruction, research, and development. Chief Guest and Rector of Bahria University, Vice Admiral (R) Asif KhaliqHI(M), addressed the crowd and commended the faculty, parents, and students for their hard work and excellent performance.

He went on to say that convocation signifies graduates’ entry into the working world. Now is the time to give back what you have been given and benefit the country and community by sharing your knowledge. He anticipated that graduates would start their professional careers and continue to adhere to the moral code.

He went on to say that the recent graduates had to conduct themselves in a way that would respect the customs of their honorable line of work, promote honor to their university and nation, and serve humanity to the best of their abilities.As a thank you for graceing the occasion with his presence, Vice Admiral (R) Ather MukhtarHI(M), Director General, Bahria University Health Sciences Campus, gave the Convocation Souvenir to Vice Admiral (R) Asif Khaliq HI(M), Rector, Bahria University.

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