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Helen Mary Roberts Becomes First Female Christian Brigadier in Pak Army

There are many reasons to celebrate for Brigadier Helen Mary Roberts, who became the first female Christian officer to be raised to the rank of brigadier. In the Pakistan Army Medical Corps, Helen Mary Roberts was elevated to the rank of brigadier.

A female officer from a minority community has been promoted to the one-star rank of brigadier for the first time in the 76-year history of the Pakistan Army. On social media, there is an abundance of compliments and well wishes for the women cop.

Due to the Pakistan Army’s dedication to religious tolerance, women hold a variety of positions within the military, including that of Lieutenant General. Most recently, Brigadier Helen Mary Roberts became the first Christian woman officer to be promoted to the rank of Brigadier in the history of the military.

Helen Mary Roberts was made a brigadier and came from the Pakistan Army Medical Corps. Army brigadiers frequently have to supervise activities as staff officers or on the battlefield.

Being the first woman from a minority community to be elevated to the rank of brigadier in more than 70 years, Roberts garnered media attention.

After being appointed, the lady officer deserves congratulations for landing the highly sought-after job. There are a large number of Christians holding various positions in the Pakistan Army.

The Pakistan Army, like other military branches, is known to contain members of different religious origins; Christians make up the second-largest minority in Pakistan.

Army Chief Gen. Asim Munir praised the Christian community at a function held last year for their outstanding involvement in nation-defense and their major contributions to Pakistan’s advancement. In order to realize Quaid’s vision of a united and progressive Pakistan, COAS highlighted his deep regard for the Christian community and stressed the significance of cultivating religious harmony.

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