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China Has Achieved Great Success

China’s space task Chang’e-6 has landed on the moon’s mysterious black side. Note that this part of the moon is not called black since there is no light, but since there are no details about it. It is called dark or top-secret. According to Chinese media, the Chang’e-6 has successfully landed on the moon, from where it will accumulate samples and send them back to Earth.

The lander of this mission will land on the Pole-Aitken Basin, located in the northeastern region of the Moon’s South Pole. This is a region of the Moon about which there are not many facts, and it will collect samples from there. In 48 hours, the lander will Rocks and other samples from the lunar surface will be collected by a robotic arm.

Along with collecting the samples, this mission will also perform other experiments. After that, the Chang’e mission will begin its journey back to Earth, and after five days, the capsule will enter the Earth’s atmosphere and land in North China. It should be noted that on May three, the Chang’e mission will return to the Moon. was launched and its mission will end after returning to Earth in 53 days.

The Chang’e 6 mission will collect samples weighing 2 kg and if the mission is fruitful, it will be a breakthrough. Such missions by the Soviet Union and China collected samples from the near surface of the Moon.

After Cheng E6, China will send the Cheng E7 robotic mission to the south pole of the Moon. will explore while also examining the atmosphere and climate of the region. The Chang’e 8 mission will conclude the Chang’e missions that will be sent there to possibly establish a research station. China is aiming to land humans on the moon in 2030 while also wanting to establish a base there.

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