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Raveena Tandon Attacked By Mob In Mumbai

Actor Raveena Tandon faced a chaotic and violent event in Bandra late Saturday night. Following accusations that her driver was involved in foolish driving, a crowd confronted Tandon, accusing her of abusing and assaulting women at the scene. A widely shared video shows the actor, dressed in white, pleading with the crowd, saying, “Please don’t hit me.”

The situation escalated as locals and the alleged victims surrounded Tandon.
One woman, with blood loss from her nose, claimed that Tandon had beaten her. Amid the commotion, people so-called the police, and some in the mob could be heard urging others to “Hit her.”

According to Indian media intelligence, Tandon allegedly exited her car in a drunken state to protect her driver and struck one of the women’s mothers, resulting in thoughtful head injuries.
However, conflicting accounts advise that the car did not make contact with anyone. Tandon has meanwhile sought legal counsel to address the prerogatives.
In the aftermath of the incident, Tandon was seen requesting onlookers not to record videos, repeatedly asking the mob not to push or hit her.
Raveena Tandon recently starred as a lawyer in “Patna Shuklla,” a movie that explores the learning scam affecting thousands of schoolboys & boys in India. In the movie, Tandon plays Tanvi Shukla, a heroine she describes as deeply relatable to many Indian women balancing household and professional accountabilities. “I’ve poured a part of myself into my character, Tandon said.
Produced by Arbaaz Khan and directed by Vivek Budakoti, “Patna Shukla” is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Tandon is also set to appear in the upcoming films Ghudchadi and “Welcome Back.

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