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Retailors “fined” for Selling Cheap Flour: Deputy Commissioner

The oldest and largest wholesale market for necessities in the nation. Karachi’s Jodia Bazaar, penalized a retailer on Saturday. For selling flour at a “lower price” than the going rate. Deputy Commissioner visits the market.

The retailer has been hit with fines by Karachi Wholesaler Grocers Group (KWGG). Which has threatened to go on strike in protest of the “injustice” by closing its doors.

On Saturday, a group of deputy commissioner went to the market. To examine the food items and prices being offered at different Jodia Bazaar stores. During the examination, the DC discovered a merchant offering less expensive flour. The chairman bemoaned the shopkeeper’s fine, claiming. That it had become illegal in the nation to sell cheaper flour to the underprivileged.

According to a district South spokesperson, the authorities in charge of Saddar. Civil Line, Lyari, and Garden areas kept up their crackdown on the alleged sale of milk. At exorbitant prices, as well as milled flour, vegetables. Chicken, and meat, in South district areas.

On the deputy commissioner’s advice. The measures were done to regulate the prices of everyday commodities. Assistant Commissioner Saddar prosecuted the profiteers and fined eight stores. Including a minimart, a vegetable, meat, and milk shop, Rs 36,000.

The Civil Line fined four dairy, meat, and vegetable stores Rs 12,000. In addition to taking legal action against the profiteers in the Clifton and DHA areas. Four milk shops operating in the Lyari areas were fined Rs. 22,000 by Assistant Commissioner Lyari.

How much Deputy Commissioner fined shopkeepers?

A shop was fined Rs 5,000 by Assistant Commissioner Garden as part of a price-checking campaign. Tight measures should be taken against the speculators who purport. To be selling necessities at exorbitant prices.

Aside from raiding different chicken, meat, milk, and fruit stores in rural and urban areas. Particularly in villages, price magistrates and local administration officials. Also fined these businesses for engaging in unlawful profiteering. And breaking the official price list.

During his tour of the city’s hotels, bakeries, and fast-food restaurants. The Assistant Commissioner sealed several food establishments. Due to inadequate kitchen hygiene and the use of inferior cooking supplies. The proprietors of these food establishments were hit with hefty fines.

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