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FC and FIA officials clashed with each other at the Torkham border

The Torkham border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan was temporarily closed to pedestrians after a clash between the Frontier Corps (FC) and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The closure was due to a disagreement over immigration affairs, which caused several people going to Afghanistan to be stranded. However, the crossing was reopened after a brief suspension of traffic.

The disagreement between the FC and FIA was about crowd management at the border, but it was quickly resolved by higher authorities of both agencies. Law enforcement agencies aim to prevent the movement of terrorists or illegal individuals, and crowding increases the risk of any such untoward situation. Five people were injured in the scuffle and were taken to Landi Kotal Hospital, but their condition was out of danger.

The FIA claimed that the FC staff was interfering with immigration matters, while the sources said that the fight broke out after the FC officials continued to intervene despite being asked to stop. Following this, the FIA immigration staff also closed offices in protest. The security of the border is the responsibility of the FC officials who keep a close watch on passengers for security. The Torkham border point is the main point of transit for travelers and goods between both countries, and the road is a key lifeline for Afghanistan, linking the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar to Jalalabad, the main city in Nangarhar, and the route onwards to the capital, Kabul

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