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Powerful Earthquake Hit Taiwan’s Eastern Coast with 7.2 Magnitude

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan’s eastern coast early morning on Wednesday. According to Taiwan’s Central Weather Administration, an earthquake 7.5 magnitude occurred 13.05mi SSE of Hualien City, Taiwan.

An evacuation advisory has been issued for coastal areas of Okinawa, Japan, after a tsunami alert was raised. The island chain, located southwest of Japan’s main islands, is bracing for waves as high as 3 meters. Authorities are urging residents to move to higher ground immediately to ensure their safety.

Tsunami alert

The tsunami alert, due to seismic activity, has also led to warnings for coastal regions of Taiwan. Meanwhile, media reports have emerged of power outages in parts of Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city.

Okinawa, situated to the northeast of the alert area, was also put on high alert as authorities closely monitor the situation, reports.

As residents heed evacuation advisories and emergency protocols, efforts are underway to mitigate the risk posed by the impending tsunami. Authorities are urging the public to stay vigilant, follow safety instructions, and prioritize their well-being during this critical time.

Updates on the situation are expected as authorities continue to assess the threat and coordinate response efforts in affected areas.

Tsunami warnings remain in effect for Taiwan and Okinawa coastal areas.

Power outages have been reported in parts of Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city.

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