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When will the Balochistan Cabinet be established?

It has been one month since the newly elected Chief Minister of Balochistan, Mir Sarfaraz Bugti, took office, but the cabinet for Balochistan has not yet been formed. Over the past month, there have been various reports regarding the formation of the cabinet in the coalition parties. There were reports that the formation of the cabinet would not be possible until after the Senate elections were completed. Following this, there have been discussions in political circles about more time being needed for the formation of the cabinet.

According to political analysts, there is a coalition of four parties in the Balochistan government, including the People’s Party, Muslim League-N, Awami National Party, and Balochistan Awami Party. The formula for appointing 14 ministers and 5 advisers has also been decided, with 6 ministers each from the People’s Party and the Muslim League-N, while one ministry each belongs to the ANP and the BAP. Each party is likely to be given one adviser as well.

Sources indicate that Sarfaraz Bugti is currently on a private visit to Islamabad, but after his return, he is expected to announce the cabinet. Sources also suggest that the Pakistan People’s Party has finalized the names of its ministers and advisers, including Ali Madad Jatak, Sadiq Imrani, Zahoor Bilidi, Sarfraz Domki, Bakht Kakar, and Samad Gurgej. The announcement of the cabinet is expected in the next 24 hours. However, the Muslim League-N is reportedly experiencing differences within the province regarding the distribution of ministries, with the party agreeing on only two names for the six ministries. Nawab Chingiz Murri and Saleem Khosa are strong candidates for the ministry. Still, Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran, Asim Kurd Gilo, and Liaquat Lahri are also in the race to get the ministries. For the Balochistan Awami Party, Sadiq Sanjrani and Ziaullah Longo are being considered for the ministerial role, but only one minister will be appointed according to the formula decided by the BAP. So far, no name has been revealed from the Awami National Party. Analysts think that apart from these four coalition parties, Maulana Hidayatur Rehman, the successful candidate of Haq Du Tehreek, will also be part of the cabinet.

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