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KP Provides Free Education For Talented Students

The KP cabinet has approved the provision of free. High-quality education from 7th to 12th grade. For gifted kids enrolling in government schools. These students will have access to prestigious educational institutions throughout the province.

The cabinet met, chaired by Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur, and made key decisions. On energy production, education, food security, wheat purchase, and sustainable development. The Ranolia Hydropower Project in Lower Kohistan, which has 17 megawatts (MW). Has been approved for rehabilitation and restoration.

The project, earlier approved by the Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP). For Rs8.1 billion, has now been approved by the cabinet. As a non-ADP plan, with financial support from the Asian Development Bank. In addition, the acquisition of 327 kanal land for the World Bank-funded 88MW. Gabral Kalam Hydropower project in District Swat was approved. Once operational, this project is expected. To provide an annual income of more over Rs 7.4 billion for the province.

Furthermore, the cabinet approved additional compensation for land and built-up property. In accordance with an independent value analysis for the 300MW. Balakot Hydropower project on the Kunhar River near Manshera.

The decision was made to switch from manual registration books. To automatic motor vehicle registration smart cards. The Excise and Taxation Department had earlier signed a Memorandum. Of Understanding (MOU) with the federal government’s National Security Printing Company (NSPC). To provide registration certificates and smart cards in 2022.

What KP Cabinet Said?

The cabinet was informed that the fees for these registration cards will be Rs574. As opposed to Rs1475 in Islamabad, Rs530 in Punjab, and Rs1600 in Sindh.

Furthermore, the cabinet approved an allocation of Rs500 million. From the defunct FATA Development Authority, plus an accumulated markup. Of Rs43 million, for the accelerated implementation programme in the amalgamated districts.

Land acquisition for the construction. Of the Judicial Complex at Panah Kotm Upper Dir. Was also approved, as was the enactment of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Registration. Of Godown Rules 2022, as mandated by the KP Godown Registration Act 2021. Which regulates and registers warehouses, ensuring a comprehensive system. For the stable supply and availability of goods.

The cabinet reapproved the provision of free and high-quality education from grades seven. To twelve for talented students in government schools, with plans. To double both the monthly scholarship amount and the number of deserving beneficiaries. In the scheme beginning with the next academic year, as proposed by the chief minister.

The cabinet stressed the importance. Of ensuring that no student is denied an education. Owing to a lack of textbooks and related resources, and directed. A study to compare the quality and cost of textbooks published. By the government and private sectors. Furthermore, the use of obsolete textbooks was permitted. For the greater good of the province’s population.

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