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China Launches First Hangor-class Submarine Built for Pakistan

On Friday, a launching ceremony was held at the Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group’s (WSIG) Shuangliu Base for the first Hangor-class submarine to be constructed for the Pakistan Navy by China. This is a significant development for Pakistan’s armed forces, as it is part of an agreement between Islamabad and Beijing for the provision of eight advanced submarines. Four of the submarines are being built by WSIG, while the other four are being built at KS&EW under the Transfer of Technology (ToT) agreement.

The submarines are equipped with advanced stealth features, state-of-the-art weapons, and sensors, making them capable of operating in a multi-threat environment and engaging targets at stand-off ranges. The ceremony was attended by Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) Admiral Naveed Ashraf, who emphasized the importance of maritime security and the navy’s commitment to ensuring regional peace and stability. Ashraf also highlighted that the Hangor-class S/M project will strengthen the Pak-China friendship and demonstrate strong military cooperation between the two countries.

Pakistan began manufacturing the 6th Hangor-class submarine at KS&EW in February of this year. Pakistan has close military ties with China, and both countries have signed various arms import agreements. Last year, the Pakistan Navy inducted two newly built Chinese Type 054 A/P frigates, with the first and second ships, PNS TUGHRIL and PNS TAIMUR, joining the fleet in 2022.

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