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FIA Shuts Fake Nursing Institute in Islamabad

The Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Anti-Corruption Circle in Islamabad is continuing. To crack down on those engaged in the granting of bogus. And unregistered nursing and technical degrees.

The agency’s Deputy Director Afzal Khan Niazi led an operation. To close the Hafeez Institute of Nursing in Islamabad. This action was taken in response to a complaint from the Team Pakistan Nursing Council. Over the institution’s role in the issuance of bogus and unregistered nursing degrees.

The raid, which took place in Sector G-15 of Islamabad. Resulted in the confiscation of nursing admission forms and other damning evidence. Officials indicated that the college was not registered with the Pakistan Nursing Council. And that the accused had created a bogus institution to provide nursing degrees.

Officials stated that the college was not registered. With the Pakistan Nursing Council, and that the accused had established. A fraudulent institution to provide nursing degrees. A complaint was filed against the owners. It was also claimed that the accused provided bogus nursing credentials, degrees. And nursing cards in exchange for large quantities of money from ordinary persons.

The accused used to place advertising for publicity. The fraudulent university had no professors. And was not affiliated with any hospital for clinical practice. The college has been accepting students since 2022.

Why Federal Authorities Filed Complaint For the Institute in Islamabad?

The federal authorities filed a complaint. Against the owners for their role in the incident. It was also discovered that the accused had been issuing. Fake nursing credentials, degrees, and nursing cards to unsuspecting persons. In exchange for large quantities of money.

The accused also employed ads for publicity objectives. However, the fictitious university lacked a faculty. And was not affiliated with any hospital for clinical practice. Despite these problems, the college has been enrolling students since 2022.

The accused made fraudulent claims about their affiliation. With the College Trade Testing Board Peshawar, which was ruled to be illegal. As a result, a case has been filed against the accused, and attempts are being made to arrest them.

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