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In its 160-Years History, GC University Lahore Welcomes Its First Female Vice Chancellor

The appointment of a female professor. As the head of GC University (GCU). Lahore marks a significant milestone for the institution. Which was founded 160 years ago

The GC university dean of the faculty of mathematical and physical sciences, prof. Dr. Shazia Bashir, has been named acting vice-chancellor. This is an important turning point in the history of the organization. She has been given the extra duty of acting as the Vice Chancellor for a period of four months. Or until the appointment of a permanent Vice-Chancellor, by the governor of Punjab.

GCU Lahore alumna Dr. Shazia Bashir brings a wealth of scholarly. Experience to her new position. She graduated with an MPhil from the University of Engineering and Technology. Lahore, and a Master of Science in Physics from Government College, Lahore. She continued her education by earning a PhD from Vienna, Austria’s Technical University. She has been a committed faculty member at GCU Lahore since 1996.

The tenure of regular VCs at 22 public universities in the province expired 1.5 years ago. And at four more universities, more than 6 months ago. According to the Higher Education Department (HED), which oversees 34 public universities. The government also mandates the appointment of VCs to three new universities.

The academic staff associations of the universities are concerned. About the lack of permanent leadership. Because they feel that regular VCs are necessary to maintain. The high standards of research and education in these universities.

Prof. Dr. Shazia Bashir has held several distinguished positions during her academic career. including Chairperson of the Department of Physics. And Director of the Institute of Physics and Center for Advanced Studies in Physics. Her contributions to the field’s advancement and research have been admirable.

Prof. Dr. Shazia Bashir’s publication record, which includes more. Than 150 research publications in esteemed international journals, highlights her academic accomplishments.

The faculty, staff, and students of Government College University Lahore. Have reacted enthusiastically to the appointment of the first female vice-chancellor. It represents a big advancement in the direction of diversity. In the institution’s leadership and gender equality.

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