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Benazir Bhutto Scholarship Program Launched by CM Balochistan

The province’s Benazir Bhutto Scholarship Program has been launched. As announced by CM Balochistan Mir Sarfaraz Bugti. In an effort to promote educational opportunities. And honor the sacrifices made by martyrs.

CM Bugti declared that the province government is dedicated. To giving the children of martyrs constant support. For their educational needs as part of this innovative initiative.

“The state will take on the role of a protective parent. Guaranteeing that the Benazir Bhutto Scholarship fully covers educational costs. From early childhood education to higher education,” he continued.

What Instructions Given By CM Balochistan?

Chief Minister Bugti gave the interior ministry instructions. To gather comprehensive information on every person commemorated as a martyr. Additionally, the CM announced full scholarships to 200 prestigious universities. Across the world for aspirational students from Balochistan. To pursue doctoral studies in cutting-edge scientific fields.

Additionally, as part of the nationwide scholarship program, opportunities. For higher education across the nation will be extended. To the top ten scorers in each district’s matric exams.

Under the Benazir Bhutto Scholarship, the state will take on the role of a protective parent. Making sure that all educational costs. From daycare to university—are fully paid for, he continued.

Chief Minister Bugti directed the interior ministry to compile comprehensive. Information on every person acknowledged as a martyr. He also disclosed plans to provide 200 esteemed universities across the world. With full scholarships for ambitious Balochistani students. To pursue doctoral studies in cutting-edge scientific fields.

Additionally, the district’s top matriculation exam scorers will have access to opportunities. For national postsecondary education as part of the comprehensive scholarship program.

Chief Minister Bugti announced plans for an equitable scholarship distribution. In an effort to promote inclusivity. He said that across all educational levels, from preschool. To master’s degree programs, 50% of the funds would be given. To minorities and transgender people annually.

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