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District Education Authority of Rawalpindi Issues Important School Council Notification

There has been a notification from the District Education Authority Rawalpindi. About the formation of school management committees or councils.

Each school council or school management committee will have a minimum. Of nine members and a maximum of seventeen, per the notification. The notification also stated that each school’s. Committee will be made up of two local celebrities. A retired educator, representatives from the military and government agencies. Two parents, and a single member from a charitable organization.

Within 15 days, the education authority has asked that school councils. Be formed in each of the schools. As part of this initiative, school councils. Or school management committees will be reconstituted. According to PML-N MNA Qamarul Islam Raja, convener of the District Coordination Committee.

He emphasized how crucial it is for school administrators. To include knowledgeable community members in furthering the advancement of education. The latest announcement from the District Education Authority (DEA). Rawalpindi should be known by parents and guardians. Of students enrolled in Rawalpindi schools. This notice addresses the makeup and duties of school councils, which are essential. To maintaining the smooth operation of the school and encouraging teamwork.

Expliciting the School Council’s Function in Rawalpindi

The goal of school councils is to serve as a liaison between the teachers. Parents, and administration. They offer a forum for candid dialogue, group decision-making. And cooperation on a range of educational issues.

As per the notification, the composition of school councils will include members. Of the local community, teachers, parents, and school administration. The notification itself may contain specific information about the composition and selection procedure.

  • School councils usually deal with a variety of issues. Such as tracking students’ academic progress and suggesting ways to improve.
  • to examine and accept the plan for school development.
  • supervising the distribution of resources and fundraising initiatives.
  • Participate in establishing a welcoming and constructive learning environment at school.

The notice from the DEA highlights how crucial it is that school councils remain active. Proficient school councils foster openness, motivate parental engagement, and enhance student academic achievements.

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