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At least 11 People in Two Separate terror Icidents in Nushki Balochistan

Late-night media reported said that unknown assailants gunned down at least 11 people in two separate terror incidents in Nushki district of Balochistan.

In the first incident, nine people from Punjab were travelling in a bus on the National Highway from Quetta to Taftan when they were stopped, abducted, and later found shot dead under a bridge near a hill.

The victims, identified as labourers from Mandi Bahauddin, Wazirabad, and Gujranwala areas, were brutally murdered, as confirmed by Nushki Superintendent of Police Allah Bukhsh and Nushki Teaching Hospital MS Dr. Zafar Mengal.

In the second incident, two people were killed and three others injured when armed militants blocked the Quetta-Nushki-Taftan N-40 National Highway, opening fire on vehicles passing by.

Prime Minister Seek Report

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has demanded a report on the incident and assured that the perpetrators will be brought to justice, while Balochistan Chief Minister Sarfraz Bugti vowed not to pardon the terrorists responsible for the attacks.

Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi condemned the incident, emphasizing the government’s support for the families of the deceased and asserting that such tragedies have no place in Pakistan.

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