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PM Shehbaz Pushes for Upgraded Infrastructure to Link Reko Diq to Gwadar

58 percent of the construction work on the 103-kilometre road connecting Reko Diq with Gwadar has been completed

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif chaired an important meeting in Lahore on Sunday, focusing on the mines and minerals of Balochistan, with a special emphasis on the Reko Diq project.

During the meeting PM Shehbaz highlighting the need for meticulous planning, especially concerning communication infrastructure such as the railway line, to fully exploit the mineral resources in Balochistan. He stressed the urgency of upgrading existing road networks immediately to connect the Reko Diq project with Gwadar via road, aiming to streamline transportation and enhance efficiency.

The Prime Minister also urged consultation with all stakeholders at official levels to address any obstacles hindering the project’s progress. He emphasized the importance of expediting the completion of under-construction roads and strategizing the feasibility of a railway network from Reko Diq to Gwadar port.

The Prime Minister underscored the critical importance of safeguarding the workers involved in the Reko Diq project, promising to ensure their security and smooth logistics operations from Reko Diq to the port, as reported by Radio Pakistan.

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PM Shehbaz elaborated on the benefits of the proposed railway project, highlighting its potential to facilitate swift access and reduce distance compared to the Bin Qasim port in Karachi. This would particularly benefit the mineral-rich district of Chaghai and promote the mining industry in the region.

In his quest for further insights, the Prime Minister requested a detailed briefing scheduled for next week specifically focusing on the Reko Diq project and rail connectivity.

Additionally, PM Shehbaz directed the removal of all official hurdles to complete the environmental and social impact assessment concerning the Reko Diq project, underlining the government’s commitment to responsible development.

The meeting gave crucial updates regarding the Reko Diq project, including the nearing completion of the feasibility study by the end of the year. Plans were discussed for the transportation of 6,000 containers monthly from Reko Diq to the port, indicating significant progress in project planning and execution.

Furthermore, attendees were informed about the construction of the world’s second-longest slurry pipeline for the project’s concentrate, along with the mining company’s commitment to construct a link road from Reko Diq to National Highway-40.

Progress updates indicated that 58 per cent of the construction work on the 103-kilometre road from Naukundi to Mashkhel, connecting Reko Diq with Gwadar, has been completed, marking substantial advancements in infrastructure development.

Among the notable attendees was a delegation from Barrick Gold Company, led by its Chief Executive Officer Mark Bristow, signifying ongoing collaboration and interest from international stakeholders in the Reko Diq project’s progress.

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