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Iran Launches Direct Attack On Israel

Iran has reportedly launched a series of drone and missile attacks against Israel. The country’s Revolutionary Guard claims to have targeted specific locations using dozens of drones and missiles. While Israel has shot down several Iranian missiles with the assistance of the United States and Jordan, Iranian media reports suggest that the country has carried out extensive drone attacks. Israeli TV has estimated that Iran has fired over 200 drones and cruise missiles. Iran’s Defense Minister has issued a warning to neighboring countries, stating that those who allow Israel to intercept the drones in their airspace will be targeted

The Iranian mission to the United Nations has issued a statement claiming that the military action against Israel was carried out in response to Israel’s attack on the Iranian diplomatic compound in Damascus. The Iranian mission considers this matter to be over but warns that if Israel makes any further mistakes, Iran’s response will be much tougher. The Iranian mission also asserts that this conflict is between Iran and Israel, and the US should stay out of it.

Meanwhile, Israeli officials report that dozens of ground-to-ground strikes have hit Israel, some of which were Iranian missiles. A girl was injured in the attack, while a military installation in the south suffered minor damage. The Israeli military spokesperson warns that the threat has not diminished and that forces are fighting to counter it. Israeli media reports that there is an atmosphere of fear in the country, with all schools and educational institutions closed .

Iranian media claims that Iran targeted Israeli defense installations, the Golan Heights, and Syria. According to Iranian media, Iran was able to hit 50% of its targets in Israel, with Khyber missiles targeting Israeli bases. It is important to note that Israel attacked the capital of Syria on April 1, including a missile attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus that resulted in the deaths of eight people. According to foreign news agencies, among those killed was Reza Zahedi, the senior commander of the Quds Brigades of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Following the attack, Iran threatened to retaliate against Israel

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