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What Are Pakistan’s Chances Of Reaching Super 8?

Pakistan once again lost the cricket match, placing them in a very poor position to qualify to the Super Eight stage in the ICC T20 cricket World Cup 2024 where they expected to perform much better and challenge the Asian giants like India and Sri Lanka.
Pakistan faced a setback and it decreased the chances of moving to other rounds they had to rely on many other match results.
In the stager labeled Super Eight, Pakistan sits on the precipice of elimination as their chances of moving on to the final stage now depend on the performance of the other teams. Thus, Pakistan is quite unstable at the moment as they continue advancing only due to several “Ifs and buts”.

  • Pakistan needs to win the continuing series of cricket matches against Canada and Ireland teams.
  • The United States can only be denied a win in both their remaining games against India and Ireland.
  • The United States now has a chance to win a game and take the next phase ‘Super Eight’, so things are not looking good for the Pakistani cricket team.
  • Pakistan’s World Cup is most likely to be over during Ireland’s match should Ireland and India win against the United States.
    The recent losses have exposed the weakness of the Pakistani team in bowling and batting especially when setting uncomplicated targets for the team to achieve. Faced with India’s bowling, Pakistan’s batsmen fell short, unable to get past 120 one & lost the match by a small margin of six runs.

This is a big blow to Pakistan particularly regarding their chances of going to the next level in the tournament.
On the other hand, PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi has revealed that top-level officials including the team management, coaching staff & players are set for a massive overhaul following embarrassing losses at the hands of America and India in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024.
This major ‘surgery’ will be done after PCB’s and Mr . Inzamam’s emergency meeting which is going to be held as soon as he arrives in Lahore today.
The decision has been taken on the backdrop of increasing scrutiny over the performance of the team with fans and pundits demanding reform within the PCB. Now, it is being planned to bring change on a large scale such as the possibility of removing coaches, selectors & top-notch players.

During this emergency meeting, Naqvi just will prescribe to go for brilliant strategies for some decisions of a critical nature. He is also likely to conduct a junior organizational analysis review and request first-of-fiscal-year reports from the team management. The role of the selection committee will also be put into more question following the sentiment that Naqvi has given on transparency and accountability.

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