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Successful Completion Of National Airline’s Pre-Hajj Flight Operations

The pre-Hajj operation of the national airline has been completed with the last flight of PIA flying from Karachi to Jeddah last night, during which more than 35 thousand pilgrims left for Saudi Arabia through a total of 171 flights.
The pre-Hajj flight operation of PIA started on May 9 this year and continued till June 11. According to the PIA spokesperson, about 19,500 official Hajj pilgrims and 14,900 private Hajj pilgrims were transported through these PIA flights. And 630 pilgrims have left for Medina and Jeddah.
According to a PIA spokesman, pre-Hajj flights departed directly from Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Sialkot and Peshawar, pilgrims from Sukkur and Quetta traveled to Karachi via Jeddah, while 126 flights out of 171 flights were late. Left some time ago.
Spokesman Qaumi Airline said that 45 flights were delayed in the pre-Hajj operation due to bad weather and operational reasons.
It should be noted that the post-Hajj flight operation of PIA will start on June 20 and continue till July 21.

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