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Slum School in Faisalabad: A Paradise for Underprivileged Children

Since most of us are too young to understand. That they are lacking even the most basic necessities of life. Most of us have seen children wandering the streets and roads. Some of them playing and some of them begging, all without tense expressions on their faces. Due to the unrecoverable poverty they. Their family have been experiencing, these children are obligated to skip school. And occasionally even become victims of child labor. The slum school in Faisalabad was created with the intention of helping disadvantaged kids, and it has graduated more than 65 students thus far.

I used to watch their longing gazes and wonder what thoughts might be running. Through their heads when they saw other kids going to school. Playing with toys, driving fancy cars, and enjoying. All the amenities that are reserved for the wealthier kids. Youngsters who are the same age as them but lead entirely different lives. Since they were spared the negative consequences of poverty from birth. Yes, you can usually blame them for being born into a “poor” family. Because that is how our society currently operates.

Nonetheless, there are some people who, far from feeling powerless. Turn into a glimmer of hope amid the shadows, which just so happens to be sufficient to change things. One such instance is the Slum School by Rohayl Varind. The first solar night school in Pakistan, which is situated in Faisalabad. The founder of the school claims that it is “an attempt to educate children living in Pakistani slums.” It’s an effort to defeat terrorism, poverty, and illiteracy.

The school was created with the intention of helping disadvantaged kids. It has graduated more than 65 people thus far. Food, backpacks, books, clothes, sports equipment, and stationery. Are also given to the less fortunate students who wish to pursue an education. 

The system includes extracurricular activities in addition to instruction. Some of the notable aspects of this school are its various events. Which include cash gift days, sports days, ice cream parties, fruit parties. Eid celebrations, and art classes. To keep the students interested, a variety of activities are planned, and food. Clothes, chocolates, and biscuits are distributed to them.

The founder states that the primary goal is to provide knowledge. A foundational education to otherwise underprivileged children and adults. Who would not otherwise have even a passing acquaintance with. Or very little education.

This school’s solar lighting system, which was created specifically to educate. Kids who are involved in child labor and can’t attend during the day, is its best feature.

The peculiar thing about this school is that it has no steady. Source of funding, and the founder himself refuses to accept cash contributions. From the public, requiring those who wish to make monetary contributions. To purchase supplies for the classroom, such as whiteboards and markers. Rohayl even exhorts those individuals to instruct nearby. Impoverished children who would not otherwise be able to afford an education.

Rohayl Varind’s Slum School has also. Aade a significant impact on literacy in Pakistan. The main causes of illiteracy in Pakistan are growing poverty. A large population, learning disabilities, a subpar educational system. Adearth of schools in rural areas, corruption, and unemployment. The establishment of slum schools is an initial step towards dismantling educational barriers.

“Unfortunately, there are an estimated 250 million dropouts. Or children who are not attending school in Asia alone,” he states. “As an advocate for education, I cannot rest easy until. I address these statistics and the resulting effects on the world’s state.”

The goal of young humanitarian Rohayl Varind is to combat poverty. Illiteracy, and terrorism. Not only that, but he also founded the “Wall of Humanity” in Faisalabad. A welfare center where the underprivileged receive free food. Clothing, books, rations, weekly medical exams, and medications.

His Pakistani story was included in Commonwealth Young Achievers 2015–16. Along with 112 other success stories from 41 different countries. As a token of appreciation for his hard work. Out of almost 2,000 entries, he was also awarded. The “World Summit Youth Award 2014-2015” in Brazil after winning over the admiration. Of a jury comprised of forty international jurors.

In addition, he leads Times of Youth Magazine as CEO. On FM 94, he works as an RJ too. Even though it’s a small one. Rohayl’s Slum School is undoubtedly helping Pakistan’s efforts. To combat child labor and increase literacy rates.

Muhammad Imran
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