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Punjab To Ban Plastic Bags From June 6

The Punjab Government has taken a decisive step to combat environmental pollution, particularly smog. In a smog eradication session, Senior Provincial Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb presided over the meeting where the performance of the various departments and stakeholders involved in addressing air pollution was closely monitored.

The minister announced that the ban on plastic bags will be enforced throughout Punjab starting from June 6 to reduce environmental pollution. She emphasized the importance of public awareness campaigns regarding smog eradication initiatives. Furthermore, the minister revealed plans to subsidize the production of solar panels at the local level across Punjab. She praised the commendable efforts in this regard and disclosed that all government buildings would undergo solarization under the solar program.

The provincial minister also stressed the necessity of fitness certificates and annual inspections for all vehicles to tackle air pollution effectively. The Pakistan Hitech Hybrid Seed Association (PHHSA) has demanded inclusion as a stakeholder in the National Seed Development and Regulatory Authority (NSDRA).

PHHSA Chairman Shahzad Ali Malik voiced the demand to media persons to enhance the quality of seeds and combat the detrimental activities of the seed mafia, which continue to inflict substantial losses on farmers and agricultural production. The PHHSA’s genuine demand as a stakeholder in the NSDRA underscores the importance of industry representation in regulatory bodies tasked with overseeing seed development.

By participating in decision-making processes, the association aims to contribute its expertise and insights towards formulating effective policies and regulations that safeguard the interests of farmers. The chairman also added that through coordinated efforts with law enforcement agencies and relevant authorities, stringent measures must be implemented to identify and prosecute individuals involved in the illicit trade of contaminated seeds. This decisive action will deter potential offenders and safeguard the livelihoods of farmers who rely on quality seeds for optimal crop yields.

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