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Punjab Governor Names Aitchison College New Principal

On Sunday, Dr. SM Turab Hussain was named the new principal of Aitchison College by Punjab Governor Sardar Saleem Haider. Governor Haider presided over a meeting of the Aitchison College Board of Governors where the decision was made.

At the end of the board meeting, which was attended by prominent members Ali Ayyaz Sadiq, Mustafa Ramday, Ali Pervaiz Malik, and Khwaja Hassan, Dr. Hussain’s appointment was unanimously approved. The esteemed institution had been without a principal for the previous two months.

Following the resignation of former Principal Michael A. Thompson, a vacancy occurred. Thompson resigned from his position, citing continuous meddling in the college’s operations over the previous year by the Governor House. His resignation served as a protest against what he saw as excessive influence, bringing up an instance involving the outgoing governor, Balighur Rehman. 

Rehman had granted the two children of Ahad Cheema, the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and a former bureaucrat, a three-year leave of absence and full waiver of fees. Thompson reportedly resigned as a result of this decision being made without getting his approval.

Thompson stood by his decision to rescind his resignation in the face of requests from the government to change his mind, keeping the chief position vacant until Dr. Hussain’s recent appointment.

Dr. SM Turab Hussain, who was an associate professor at the Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School before coming to Aitchison College, is a wealth of experience. It is anticipated that his experience in academia and administration will guide the organization toward sustained success.

SM Turab Hussain

Syed Turab Hussain was an assistant professor at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) prior to being appointed to his principal role. He finished his undergraduate studies in the mid-1990s at Wooster College in Ohio, USA, and his master’s and doctoral studies in economics at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom.

Before coming home and joining LUMS, Turab spent a year teaching at a college in the United Kingdom. There, he worked on important issues related to development economics and international trade, such as migration policy, regional trade, dispute resolution procedures, and WTO services trade.

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