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Principal of Aitchison College Steps Down Due to Disagreements with the Governor of Punjab

Michael A. Thomson, the principal of Aitchison College in Lahore. Has resigned from his position due to disagreements over developments. With Punjab Governor Balighur Rehman, according to a reports.

Principal Michael Thomson claimed that the Governor House’s. “partial steps” had destroyed the school’s governance in a farewell letter to his staff. “Destructive changes are being made to the policies just to benefit a few people. And I have no choice but to leave amid extreme bad governance,” he continued.

Following disagreements with the governor regarding the waiver of fines. For the offspring of powerful individuals, the principal was experiencing mental distress.

He wrote, “You all know what’s is going on at the board level,” in a letter to the employees. Politics and nepotism have no place in educational institutions. It’s unbelievable that there is so much meddling. In the smoothly operating school system,” he continued.

In response to the principal’s resignation. A number of parents of the students expressed their outrage. Claiming the governor had “gone nuts” and was using victimization against the principal. They said the admissions made without merit were the true source. Of the principal-gubernatorial feud. The parents claimed that the governor had admitted. More than fifty children last year without cause. And asked that the governor be investigated.

It should be noted that in September 2018. Michael Thomson also submitted his resignation. but he later withdrew it at the encouragement of Muhammad Sarwar, the governor at the time. At the time, he had resigned, purportedly due to pressure. From political circles for disciplining certain students.

Additionally, Syed Babar Ali resigns from the Aitchison College Board of Directors

Syed Babar Ali also quits as member of Aitchison’s Board of Directors

Notable businessman Syed Babar Ali has also left the Board of Directors (BoDs) of Aitchison College. the nation’s top university.

Due to health concerns, 98-year-old Babar Ali submitted his resignation. From Aitchison’s Board of Directors on February 6.

Babar Ali also complimented Michael A. Thompson. The principal of Aitchison College, in his resignation letter. Stating that he put in more countless hours for the institution than any other principal.

In addition to raising money for three new boarding houses. Babar Ali claimed that Michael Thomson had significantly raised. The caliber of instruction in each of the three schools.

Babar Ali requested that Michael Thomson be acknowledged for his services. Stating that Aitchison had never before produced better final academic results. While a larger number of Aitchisonion boys were accepted into prestigious US universities. Such as Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, and others, as well as Oxford and Cambridge.

The father of Syed Maratib Ali is Syed Babar Ali. He was born on January 15, 1926, in Lahore. He is a philanthropist, businessman, and former acting finance minister from Pakistan. He is the founder of Lahore University of Management Sciences. Milkpak Limited (now Nestlé Pakistan), and Packages Limited.

Syed Maratib Ali, the father of Syed Babar Ali, was a prominent contractor. For the British Indian Army, providing them. With various items used in regiments and logistical support. He also owned shops in the Walled City.

What Syed Babar Ali Said?

Syed Babar Ali was educated at Lahore’s Aitchison College. After completing his studies at Government College in Lahore. he enrolled at the University of Michigan. He also attended the Harvard School of Business for a brief time.

He was bestowed with decorations and medals by the Swedish and Dutch governments. As well as an Order of the British Empire (OBE) from Britain in 1997. And an Honorary Doctorate in Laws from McGill University in Montreal, Canada in the same year.

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