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President Dr Alvi Urges Dynamic Approach for Regional Peace

President Dr Arif Alvi on Wednesday said in the midst of the difficult worldwide situation, Pakistan expected a unique way to deal with address the dangers to local harmony.

Tending to the debut meeting of Islamabad Conference 2023 themed ‘Pakistan in a changing world’ organized by Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI), he said Pakistan should deliberately rediscover its vision following super power contentions and impedance of adjoining states.

The president, in such manner, accentuated close contact among legislators and parliamentarians, the Service of International concerns and the Service of Guard for powerful thoughts and strategy making.

President Dr Arif Alvi said Pakistan’s essential shift from international relations to geo-financial and the local circumstance following India’s hawkishness required the strategies in accordance with provincial and foundational improvements.

President  Dr Arif Alvi said the socialized present reality had failed to remember the standards of ethical quality and was seeing predominance of wars pursued by strong against more fragile portions. The circumstance in Gaza, he said, was a disturbing indication of the aloofness of the world which couldn’t stop the slaughter of honest individuals including ladies and youngsters.

He lamented that even the shocking symbolism of Gaza killings couldn’t shake the world’s still, small voice, naming it a disappointment of the insight of humankind. The president reviewed that many years’ prior, the world after a few conflict related slaughters in Europe had shown up at the summit of ceasefires and bodies like the Class of the Countries and the Unified Countries (UN). In any case, he brought up that now every standard made by the socialized world as an illustration learned after a few conflicts was being sabotaged.

Dr Arif Alvi said permitting not many states the right of blackball power was as a matter of fact the primary disappointment of humankind to bow before the personal stakes. War, he said, was not an answer for resolve any contention and consistently brought about a ceaseless endless loop of brutality.

He communicated disillusionment over the methodology of popularity based nations supporting conflicts and said ethical quality should be the anchor of human reasoning. He said the world right now desperately required the methodology of affection, compassion and pardoning.

 In Pakistan’s ongoing political situation, he said, a similar soul of pardoning and sympathy was missing and added that the countries develop based on these elements. Other than clashes, he said, the world confronted a few dangers like slanted improvement, migration issues in first world nations as consequence of the contentions in underdeveloped nations, expanding destitution, man-made consciousness, atomic weaponization, and natural changes.

President Dr Arif Alvi focused on the requirement for sticking to the standards of financial equity among networks by expanding them equivalent open doors in all fields of life. He said the genuine advancement was connected with an only conveyance of riches, getting oppressed and engaging ladies. The president praised the commitment of ISSI as a main research organization that did thoughts on issues of public, territorial and global significance.

 Chief General ISSI Representative Sohail Mahmood said ISSI was giving an exchange stage to the examination and strategy local area with a target to investigate the numerous layers of progress and the way forward for Pakistan.

He said the two-day occasion would hold meetings on changing provincial scene, developing territorial elements, exploring complex international relations, highlighting turn to geo-financial aspects, far reaching security on the planet convergence, and Pakistan’s international strategy in an arising world request.

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