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Political Parties in Pakistan Begins Coalition Talks to Form Govt

As vote counting left results of few polling stations, key leaders from major political parties in Pakistan engaged in late-night meetings, aiming to secure enough support to establish governments at the national and provincial levels.

PML-N’s Nawaz Sharif tasked his brother Shehbaz Sharif with initiating discussions with PPP, MQM-P, and other significant parties to forge potential alliances. Shehbaz Sharif met with PPP leaders Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, signaling the start of broader coalition discussions, with topics ranging from election outcomes to post-election strategies being on the agenda.

The meeting was a very brief one; it didn’t last very long. Mr Zardari landed in Lahore on Friday evening while Bilawal was already there. The two drove to [Mr Naqvi’s] place where [Shehbaz] was already waiting for their arrival. It was a brief discussion but apparently it ended on a positive note.”

Later, Shehbaz also spoke to MQM-P Convener Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, senior leader Aminul Haque told Dawn. He said Mr Sharif had phoned them late in the evening, and both sides would hold a meeting “very soon”.

“We are celebrating our victory at Jinnah Ground in Azizabad on Saturday (today). The meeting would be held after that,” he said.

Before the general elections, the MQM-P had announced that it would support Nawaz Sharif as the prime ministerial candidate after elections. However, the dismal performance of the PML-N provided the MQM-P an opportunity to rethink, as Mr Haque refused to comment when reminded about his party’s electoral deal with the N-league.

Separately, MQM-P convener Dr Siddiqui invited all independent candidates who won the elections to join his party.

“Although we don’t have a briefcase our doors are open for all independent candidates,” he told a press conference.

MWM option

The Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM), who have had a long-standing relationship with the PTI since the latter’s sit-in outside Parliament House in 2014, are also said to be in the mix.

Sources in both parties told Dawn the possibility of PTI-backed independents merging with MWM in a bid to maintain discipline among its cadre and grab reserved seats for women and minorities.

Hameed Hussain of the MWM has been able to win one NA seat from NA-37 Kurram (Parachinar) with 58,650, defeating Sajid Turi of the PPP, who got 54,384 votes.

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