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Pakistan Top Backpacking Destinations

The British Backpackers Society named Pakistan the top travel destination of 2018. This unusual ranking attracted a lot of media attention. From major players in the travel industry, including Lonely Planet and Gulf News. According to the list, Pakistan boasts the most breathtaking landscapes. And the friendliest people, making it the ideal destination for adventure excursions. It is definitely past time for the outside world. To recognise the nation for what it is: a beautiful web of enthralling scenery. Distinct and vibrant cultures, and absurdly amiable citizens. Allow us to share with you the top backpacking destinations. In Pakistan for an amazing low-cost experience.


The main city, Gilgit, is accessible from all international airports, including those. In Islamabad and Lahore. There are two ways to get there: by plane, albeit flights are only planned once. Or twice a week due to high altitude weather, or by bus, such as NATCO or Daewoo. You should only visit Gilgit as a means of passing through in order to have a better understanding of the area.

For 1000 rupees (about US$9), you can reserve guest accommodations with WiFi. But if you arrive by plane, you’ll have enough energy to visit the city at night after a day of exploration. However, the bus travel from Islamabad is lengthy and exhausting. The region’s principal hub, Gilgit, has an office that extends visas. The Kargah Buddha rock sculpture. And the Gilgit River are two notable locations in Gilgit. Couchsurfing is a another choice.

Meadows Fairy

Fairy Meadows is a truly amazing place to visit. The verdant fields adorned with towering hills provide an ideal location for camping. To go to Fairy Meadows from Gilgit, take a regular bus for approximately 200 rupees (US$1.8) for 2.5 hours to Ranikot Bridge. From there, rent a private four-wheel drive for 7000 rupees (US$70). It is advisable to share this fee with six friends if you can. Occasionally, if you’re alone, you can share with locals. Who might offer to accompany you or even take you for free.

The vehicle only travels up to a designated trail, from which. Depending on your pace, a two- to three-hour hike begins. Although most people find the walk easy, you can also hire a horse. You can camp at Fairy Meadows once you arrive, but remember to pack your own tent or get a room. The meadows itself are so enchanting that they are home to the fabled fairy people. And the stunning vista of Nanga Parbat is definitely worth the trip. From here, you can embark on thrilling glacier treks to other camps at a higher elevation. Or hike to the base camp of Nanga Parbat, the ninth-highest mountain.

Karimabad in the Hunza Valley

The magnificent capital of Hunza, Karimabad, is ideal for backpacking. Because there are many of amazing hikes close by. And affordable lodging and camping options abound. It’s easily accessible, only a two and a half hour journey from Gilgit, and there’s much to see. The Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme has skillfully restored. The historic palaces of two royal princes, Altit and Baltit Forts. Making them must-visit. Locations among breathtaking views of the surroundings. Aga Khani or Ismaili, a Shia Muslim sect that adheres to a more liberal. And spiritual interpretation of the faith. Make up the majority in many Hunza communities. The AKDN has also brought many. Other locations in Gilgit Baltistan back to their former splendour.

You may spend several days getting lost in the charming streets of Karimabad. Another must-see location close is Eagle’s Nest, where you can rent or bring your own tent for camping. Reaching the highest point is easy; a 30-minute. Cab journey (about US $14 each way) gets you a 360-degree view of the valley.

Gojal Valley, Pakistan

Another fantastic area to explore is Gojal Valley, which is also home to Attabad Lake. A deep blue lake created by a landslip in 2010. Gojal shares borders with Afghanistan at Chipurson Valley and China close. To the Khunjerab Pass on the Karakoram Highway (KKH). Gojal is home to several quaint settlements and the Batura Glacier. Which is the longest in the world outside of the polar regions.

The terrain of these areas varies greatly, featuring massive glaciers. Ice peaks, violent rivers, and verdant meadows. Being able to camp at any location of your choosing is made possible by owning your own tent. Its settlements, Gulmit, Gulkin, Hussaini at Attabad Lake. Shimshal, and Misgar, are home to a diverse range of people and cultures.

Khunjerab Pass

With a height of over 8,000 feet, Khunjerab Pass is the highest border. In the world and a remarkable feat of engineering. The journey is lined with breathtaking views of Pakistan. But since public transport is not accessible, it must be taken by private automobile hire. Which costs roughly 8000 rupees (US $80). Travellers can enjoy viewing the breathtaking Passu Glacier. The Hussaini Bridge, and the Passu Bridge while en way to the pass.

Skardu, Pakistan

Skardu town is already well-known as a backpacking destination in Pakistan. And for good reason—it’s situated in a key area with lots of amazing things to discover. From Gilgit, it takes five hours to go to Skardu by an early-morning bus travel that costs roughly $5. There are many of affordable to opulent accommodation rentals available. For various comfort levels and views. One of the most well-known hotels is the Shangrila Resort. Which even has a name that has been applied to Lower Kachura Lake—a swimmable lake—also known as Shangrila Lake.

If you have the opportunity, you should also see the Buddhist carvings in Mathal. The Khaplu Fort, the Skardu Cold Desert, Deosai, and Satpara Lake. Deosai is particularly amazing, but it involves a lengthy ride and some hiking. The plains make for an excellent camping area in the summer, when the valley is a riot of wildflowers.

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