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Tips for Heading Up to K2 Base Camp

After reading other advice online, I felt compelled to share my personal story as well. We conducted the K2 base camp hike with a nearby tour company. And we made this decision after doing extensive research. Having researched numerous Pakistani tour providers, I made the excellent choice. To work with Apricot Tours! They had excellent meals, safety, guides, and rates. What I would offer, though, are some pointers for anyone organizing a mountain hike.

Tips for the K2 Base Camp Hike

  • When visiting Skardu, try to plan a trip to a high altitude that takes as long as possible. This will help your body adjust to the altitude and improve your acclimatization.
  • Make sure your travel insurance covers helicopter rescue and covers you. For up to 5,000 meters above sea level. A woman from another firm fell that way.
  • Prior to leaving, walk as much as possible and get fit! I suffered because I misjudged the difficulty of the work at hand. The man with whom I camped had been attending frequent training weekends, and it was evident.
  • Make extra preparations, such as energy pills and protein bars. After a long day, when your thighs feel like someone just gave them a sledgehammer blow. These will taste like pure joy!
  • Make sure your gear is the best.
  • Take additional cash, either in US dollars or British pounds. Although it’s officially expected to be optional, tipping the porters is required.
  • As a precaution, I would strongly advise obtaining altitude sickness medication!

It would be great if you could bring some spare clothes or shoes for the porters who carry your equipment! Some of these individuals have very little on their feet. And wear extremely basic attire, and they make very little money. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any specific queries about the trek, the route, etc.

Make sure you thoroughly investigate the companies providing the trip. I used Apricot Tours for it, and I heartily endorse them.

Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran
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