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NDMA Pakistan Chaired UN INSARAG Steering Group Meeting In Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland: The UN INSARAG Steering Group Meeting convened today in Geneva, Switzerland marking a pivotal moment in addressing governance and disaster preparedness strategies on a global scale.

The event was organized by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs ( OCHA) which saw the participation from affiliated countries from three regions.

Lieutenant General Inam Haider HM(I), Chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and current Chair of the Asia Pacific Region emphasized the necessity for regional collaboration to tackle the unprecedented challenges posed by climate change-induced disasters.

During the session titled “Governance Review Report Presentation & Recommendations,” Lt. Gen Inam Haider underscored the importance of introducing policy guidelines to enhance disaster response mechanisms. In his address, the Chairman advocated for a robust training regime and simulation exercise for emergency response teams and urged for the utilization of technology to streamline disaster management efforts.

Chairman NDMA also highlighted the need to leverage innovative technologies for disaster risk reduction and response. He appreciated the efforts of the INSARAG Secretariat in preparing the comprehensive INSARAG Governance review.

Additionally, the session witnessed the launch of the “INSARAG Turkey/Syria After Action Review Report” by Ahmet Dogas, Counselor at the UN Permanent Mission of the Republic of Turkiye.

The participants discussed enhancing international cooperation for swift disaster response.

The INSARAG Steering Group Meeting serves as a crucial platform for fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and charting the way forward in ensuring effective disaster response and recovery efforts globally. Pakistan is the regional chair of INSARAG in the Asia Pacific Region for the year 2024.

The INSARAG Steering Group Meeting discussed detailed recommendations with all stockholders in subsequent sessions by the INSARAG family. The meeting highlighted the importance of community engagement and empowerment in disaster resilience communities across the globe.

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