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NDMA Clarifies Non-Involvement in GAZA Aid Donation Drives

Please be advised that NDMA has no affiliation with below-mentioned. Organization(s) regarding any donation drives. Claims of NDMA’s involvement. In collecting funds for GAZA Aid are incorrect and deceptive.

In response to recent claims circulating on social media platforms. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has issued. A statement clarifying its stance on involvement in donation drives for GAZA Aid.

The NDMA vehemently refutes any association with the organizations. Purportedly collecting funds for GAZA Aid. The authority categorically states that. It has no affiliation whatsoever with these entities. And any claims suggesting otherwise are misleading and deceptive.

As a governmental body committed to disaster management and humanitarian aid. The NDMA emphasizes transparency and accountability in all its activities. It stresses that any fundraising initiatives conducted. Under its auspices are duly verified and authorized through official channels.

The NDMA urges the public to exercise caution and diligence. In verifying the credibility of donation drives, especially. Those soliciting contributions for international humanitarian causes. Individuals are advised to direct their contributions through recognized. And reputable channels to ensure that their donations reach. The intended beneficiaries securely and effectively.

This clarification from the NDMA aims to dispel any misinformation. And uphold the integrity of relief efforts for those in need. The authority remains dedicated to its mission of ensuring effective disaster response. And assistance, both domestically and internationally.

For further information or inquiries. The NDMA encourages individuals to contact their office directly, reaffirming. Its commitment to transparency and public trust.
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