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Matric Exam Center in Lahore Sold to Cheaters in 80,000 Rupees

Concerning the ongoing Matric Exam (Class-9) 2024 in Lahore. Punjab School Education Minister Rana Sikandar Hayat made alarming revelations on Sunday.

The minister claimed that the cheating mafia had purchased examination centers for Rs. 80,000. In addition, he mentioned that he had been threatened by the mafia. and had received substantial offers.

The minister’s spokesperson reaffirmed in a statement on Sunday Hayat’s resolve. to keep Punjab free from the same problems with exam cheating. that Sindh and Karachi are experiencing.

He claimed that the BISE chairman’s suspension for failing. to maintain transparency was only the start. In addition, he made accusations. against the chairman of the Board and the controller of examinations.

They were closely linked to the exam cheating syndicate, he claimed. Thirty people had been taken into custody. from the testing centers, according to the minister.

The minister revealed that plans had been made in advance. for the sale and acquisition of the math paper that was supposed to happen on Monday (today). He went on to say that the mafia of private schools had purchased testing facilities. in order to guarantee their students’ high grades.

What is the Cost of Matric Exam?

According to Hayat, the cost of the paper varied between Rs. 4,000 and Rs. 7,000, and invigilators publicly promoted the “fee” per paper on social media.

Concerning the presence of people. in charge of the procedure at different testing locations. Who hadn’t even finished their ninth or tenth grade exams. Rana Sikandar also expressed his worries.

The assignment of tasks related to examinations. Has been the subject of an investigation. recently by the commissioner of Lahore, who is also the chairman of the Lahore Board.

In addition, the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISE) Lahore’s. Controller of Exams announced disciplinary actions. Against staff members who neglected to fulfill their duties. The PEEDA Act of 2006 and the Punjab Essential Services Act of 1958 will both be enforced.

The Lahore Board’s Conduct Branch officials have been under constant pressure. From the Punjab Teachers Union (PTU) to be replaced.

PTU Central General Secretary Rana Liaquat claimed. In a statement that the BISE Lahore Conduct Branch had appointed private individuals. As exam center supervisors while fabricating a shortage of government teachers. Liaquat underlined the necessity of taking legal action against. Those responsible for such misconduct.

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