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Minister Took Notice After Female Student Harassed During Exam in Balochistan

A troubling incident occurred on Friday during the Intermediate exams. At the Government Girls High School Jinnah town. In the provincial capital of Balochistan. The student and her mother were reportedly harassed in the examination hall.

People are furious over the incident and are demanding accountability. From the educational system. However, Balochistan’s Ministry of Education has acknowledged the. Incident and launched an investigation to gather more information.

During a press conference, Aima, the victim student. Claimed that her paper had been stolen 30 minutes earlier. She went on to say, “I called my mother to the examination hall. Due to this injustice, but the superintendent resorted to physical assault and harassment.”

Aima claimed that there was widespread cheating occurring in the exam room. The superintendent became enraged when she began to record. It, and she and the other students were physically harassed.

Aima’s mother vowed to expose the corrupt education system in her pursuit of justice. She came to the conclusion that even though she didn’t know their names. She would still report the superintendent and any. Other parties responsible for the violence.

On the advice of Education Minister Raheela Durrani, the Chairman of. The Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has taken notice. Of the incident and requested a report within a day.

Education Crisis in Balochistan

There is just one teacher in half of the 12,000 primary schools in Balochistan. Many schools face a teacher shortage due to the over 300 teacher retirements. That occur each month and the lack of an appropriate recruitment process. Plans to improve 150 of the province’s primary schools have been made. Public by the caretaker government. These efforts might, however, have little effect if financial. Mismanagement and unethical behavior continue.

Previous complaints from educators, students, and provincial officials. Draw attention to worries about nepotism in the education system, which can result. In the hiring of unqualified and incompetent teachers. This has had a major negative influence on the standard of education in Balochistan. Along with an antiquated curriculum and a dearth of contemporary teaching supplies.

For most schools, having access to basic facilities like electricity. Water, and restrooms is still a top priority. With salaries accounting for more than 80% of the education budget. It is clear that a comprehensive and strategic approach is required. To revitalize Balochistan’s educational system.

To revers the current trend and guarantee a promising future. For education in the province, swift and coordinated actions are required, including. Modernizing the curriculum, implementing efficient recruitment strategies, and improving infrastructure.

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