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How to Obtain a B-Form Child Registration Certificate (CRC) in Pakistan

One of the essential first steps in giving. A child legal identity is obtaining a birth certificate. In Pakistan, a birth certificate is referred. To as a B-form, or Child Registration Certificate (CRC). This form is used to register minors who are younger than eighteen. When a person turns 18 and needs a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). It can be challenging to obtain one without a CRC for official identification. 

In addition to proving one’s Pakistani nationality. A CNIC grants access to social benefits, medical care, education, voting, banking. SIM card registration for mobile phones, passport acquisition. For overseas travel, and other services.

Nearly 34% of Pakistanis, comprising only 34% of men and 33% of women. Have birth registrations, according to the World Bank Group’s 2018 #ID4D Global Dataset. Those who later acquire a CNIC face several difficulties as a result of this. causing many people to be deprived of necessary services.

The basic procedures for obtaining a B-form, also known. As a Child Registration Certificate (CRC), in Pakistan will be covered in this article.

Certificate of Child Registration (CRC)

In Pakistan, CRCs can be acquired by presenting NADRA. With official birth certificate documentation from the union council. To register their child, parents must possess a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).

Note: The first blood relative may apply for birth. Registration with a certified copy of a court-issued Guardian Certificate and. Death certificate (if parents are deceased) if the parents are not in the country or are deceased.

Evidence of Delivery from the Union Council or Other Records

 The parents need to bring in the following paperwork in order. To register their child at the Union Council:

  • copy of the parents’ CNIC.
  • certificate from a hospital or midwifery setting. 
  • Form from the Union Council, properly completed, signed, and thumb impression

Union Council provides proof of childbirth at no cost. The following is the document delivery period:

  • three business days if you register normally.
  • 7 working days if a child who is between the ages of 61 days and 7 years decides to register late.
  • After the age of seven, registration takes 20 working days.

Documents Needed for CRC

  • It is required that at least one parent or legal guardian be present who has a CNIC. Additionally, biometric verification will be carried out.
  • Evidence of childbirth from the Union Councilor School Certificate. (for students ten years of age or older)


  • CRC form attestation from a gazetted officer.

Note: Only the guardianship certificate may be processed through the Guardian.

On the NADRA website, a comprehensive list of documentation needed to. Obtain a birth certificate is also available in both English and Urdu.

Steps for CRC Application:

By visiting the closest NADRA Registration Center (NRC) and. Following the instructions listed below. You can apply for a Child Registration Certificate (CRC). By using this website, you can find the location of the closest NRC.

  • The token will be given to the parent or guardian. Await the announcement of your token and counter number until it is your turn.
  • After the Parent/Guardian’s signature and fingerprints are taken. Their photo will be recorded.
  • The form will print for the parent or guardian to review.
  • A printed copy of the application will be given to the parent/guardian. It must be attested by a gazetted officer before being submitted.

Note: By presenting their biometric verification, the Parent/Guardian. Can forego the form’s attestation if their mother. Or father is in attendance at the registration center. The person supplying the biometric verification must also possess a current CNIC.

A CRC can be obtained for PKR 50. To obtain the certificate more quickly, you can also apply for a CRC at a NADRA Executive center for PKR 500. After the paperwork is submitted, a Child Registration Certificate. Can be obtained in up to five working days.

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