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LHC Order To Ban Smoke Emitting Vehicles

The Lahore High Court has ordered the closure of smoke-emitting vehicles.

Justice Shahid Karim of Lahore High Court heard the petitions of citizen Haroon Farooq and others for the remediation of smog and environmental pollution.

During the hearing, the court said to apply tire color on the service roads, take strict action against smog-emitting vehicles, stop the smog-emitting vehicles, do not let them on the road until they are fixed.

The member judicial commission informed the court that the problem of dead chickens in Tolanton market is very big, the food authority has seized 47 thousand kg of dead chickens but there was no trace of the vehicles that were carrying the dead chickens, now Safe City These vehicles have been installed for the track.

Justice Shahid Karim inquired who is taking responsibility for Tolanton Market. On which the member judicial commission said that this area belongs to LDA, and the market association also has responsibility for it.

The Member Judicial Commission further informed that there are 581 service stations in Lahore, of which 518 have recycling plants, and notices have been issued to the rest of the service stations.

Vasa’s lawyer said that we have started installing water meters in houses, on which the court directed that water meters should be installed in all societies.

During the hearing, Justice Shahid Karim said that a challan of overspeeding came to my house, on which I was made fun of, tried to pay the challan online but there is no option.

The court adjourned further hearing of the case while directing to apply tire colors on service roads and take strict action against smoke-emitting vehicles.

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