Friday, July 19, 2024

Well-known actor in the Tamil film industry Pradeep Vijayan was found dead in his house.

According to Indian media, 39-year-old actor Pradeep Vijayan was found dead at his home in Chennai on Wednesday evening. In the initial investigation, the police suspected that the actor’s death was caused by an accidental fall.

The report stated that Pradeep Vijayan was living alone in his house while in the past he had also sought treatment for shortness of breath and dizziness.
Police told Indian media that the actor’s friends had been trying to contact him for the past two days, but when the actor did not respond to phone calls, his friends reached his home.

On reaching home, the friends knocked on the door of Pradeep Vijayan’s house, but when no one opened the door, they informed the police.

When the police arrived and broke the door of the house, the actor was found dead in the washroom of his house, with injuries on his head and face.

The police have registered a case of the death of the actor and started an investigation, according to the investigation so far, Pradeep’s death was due to a fall.

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