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Launch Ceremony of PNS YAMAMA Marks Milestone in Pakistan

In a significant event showcasing the burgeoning maritime capabilities of the Pakistan Navy, the launching ceremony of the state-of-the-art 4th Offshore Patrol Vessel, PNS YAMAMA, was held at M/s DAMEN Shipyard Galati, Romania. The ceremony was graced by Vice Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ovais Ahmed Bilgrami, who attended as the Chief Guest.

Addressing the gathering, Vice Chief of the Naval Staff emphasized the paramount importance of maritime security amidst prevailing conventional and non-conventional threats in the Indian Ocean Region. He highlighted Pakistan Navy’s pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of maritime trade routes, particularly in the Arabian Sea, crucial for energy and trade highways. The Admiral expressed confidence that the induction of these multipurpose platforms, equipped with cutting-edge weapons and sensors, would bolster the combat capability of the Pakistan Navy Fleet, enhancing its effectiveness in safeguarding maritime frontiers and ensuring maritime security.

The Chief Operations Officer of M/s DAMEN Group Netherlands, in his welcome address, underscored the longstanding and fruitful partnership between DAMEN Shipyard and the Pakistan Navy since 1986. He reiterated DAMEN’s commitment to delivering cost-effective, technologically advanced, and potent vessels to meet the operational requirements of the Pakistan Navy.

The ceremony witnessed the presence of high-ranking officials from the Romanian Government and Navy, alongside representatives from Pakistan Navy, M/s DAMEN, and members of the Pakistani community in Romania. It marked a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts between Pakistan and its international partners in enhancing maritime security and strengthening naval capabilities.

The launch of PNS YAMAMA signifies a stride forward in Pakistan Navy’s commitment to ensuring maritime security and protecting vital sea lanes, contributing to regional stability and prosperity in the Indian Ocean Region.

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