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Kalti Lake: Wonder of Ghizer Lake in Pakistan

Do you know of a lake that is frozen in Pakistan? In Gilgit-Baltistan’s Gize district, the Gobis Valley is home to Kalti Lake, also referred to as Frozen Lake. Its dimensions are 460 metres wide by 2354 metres long, with a maximum depth of 80 feet.

This lake is well-known for its distinct water quality even though it has an abundance of economical water resources. It is referred to as a “frozen lake” since it is entirely frozen every winter and is safe for strolling on and even using as an ice rink.

Travellers and gamblers will find the PTDC Motel conveniently situated on the edge of this frozen lake. It just takes two hours to travel from Gilgit’s main city to the lake, which is conveniently situated off the main road.

Possibility of Kalti Lake Becoming a World-Famous Lake

The surrounding massive mountains of the Hindu Kush Mountains add to the breathtaking view of this lake. Locals treat visitors with more warmth and friendliness, showing them affection. The valley is known as the “Land of Hospitality” for this reason.

The local government of Gilgit Baltistan should host suitable winter sports festivals to encourage various teams to participate in these sports since the lake has the potential to become a popular tourist destination on a global scale. Moreover, the lake offers benefits in the summer, when boating and fishing are feasible.

Unfortunately, the lack of good hotels and restaurants for tourists and lack of infrastructure is another problem. This valley’s primary issue is the inadequate internet service. The area’s sluggish 2G internet connections make it practically impossible to view the lake on social media.

Kalti Frozen Lake hosts an annual winter sports festival that spans three days. The Ministry of Tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan collaborates with the Ministry of Ghizer to organise it. The festival’s primary goal is to increase Ghizer’s winter tourism. The main events are football, figure skating, ice hockey, and open snow running. In order to promote local culture, there are also displays of handicraft stalls. These are the actions to take in order to increase tourism to Gilgit Baltistan worldwide.

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