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How to Become Digital Nomad in Pakistan?

Those who work remotely full- or part-time while exploring new places are known as digital nomad. Digital nomad frequently work in coffee shops, public libraries, and co-working spaces by utilising the hotspots or connecting laptops, smartphones, or tablets to Wi-Fi hubs in these locations.

Your work schedule can be as flexible as 9 to 5 hours if you are a digital nomad. You can also travel the world with this lifestyle: popular destinations for digital nomads include New York, Pakistan, Japan, and the Middle East.

Visa To Pakistan For Remote Workers

The simplest way to enter Pakistan is to apply for an e-Visa. Applying online has been made simple for visitors by the Pakistani government. International applicants can apply and even grow online with ease. Your passport or nationality determines how much an e-Visa will cost. A US passport, however, is good for five years of multiple entries and ninety days of residency.

Advantages Of Being A Remote Worker 

  • When you visit stunning locations practically daily, there is no time to waste. Discovering new places will spur you on to complete tasks as soon as possible. Taking chances is one of the finest incentives.
  • When seemingly unrelated concepts are combined to create new ideas, creativity happens. The more contradictory the idea, the more synapses are formed in the brain—a phenomenon known to neuroscientists as the “synapse game.” You can use the variety of experiences that come with working somewhere new every day to form these kinds of creative connections. Creative thinking occurs when your mind is overflowing with these various sources of information.
  • Visiting new places on a regular basis will force you to step outside of your comfort zone. You have to be open to interacting with people from various cultures if you want to adjust to a new environment every day. You become more receptive to novel experiences going forward.
  • Even though work is wonderful, we still do it to make a living, not the other way around. You can spend more time with the people you love, exploring your surroundings, and doing the things you love when you complete tasks more quickly.
  • People bond strongly through unforgettable experiences and adventures. You will encounter and make friends with other digital nomads as you travel. Your bond will be stronger than ever if you’re travelling with a friend or significant other.

In Pakistan, how can one become a digital nomad?

To become a digital nomad, plan your travels, budget, and storage needs while taking into account the exciting and useful parts of your journey. This is a manual that you can use:

Establish a budget:

 You’ll stay organised and save money if you estimate your living and travel expenses before you begin your research. Think about how much you’ll spend on experiences, food, lodging, and transportation when creating your budget.

Plan your journey: 

Even though you are free to relocate to any city or nation you choose, it is advisable to plan your first destination on a map. You can quickly locate other practical and administrative requirements for your trip, like applying for a visa and a residence permit, with the help of this map. Take into account both jet lag and your job when searching for lodging. For instance, it could be challenging to carry on working remotely if your supervisors or clients are in different time zones.

Obtain health insurance:

 Identify and select a health insurance plan that covers the destinations you intend to visit. If you plan to spend the majority of your time abroad, it might also be worthwhile to purchase travel insurance.

Select a mobile plan: 

Consider unlocking your phone if you’re going overseas. You can use your phone to travel across countries once you’ve unlocked it. Additionally, you can purchase a prepaid SIM card from an international phone company with a limited data plan. You can purchase a portable Wi-Fi device once you’ve set up a phone plan, eliminating the need for you to rely on coffee shops and Wi-Fi hotspots to complete work.

Arrange your money: 

It’s a good idea to make sure your credit and debit cards are accepted in the country you’re moving to before you leave. Foreign transaction fees are frequently applied to purchases made outside of the country, although some banks offer the opportunity to open an international account. You only pay transfer fees with this checking account; there are no fees for overseas transactions. Additionally, if you are going overseas, think about getting foreign cash beforehand from your credit union or bank.

Keep your possessions in storage:

Digital nomads can move from city to city with ease, so they usually travel light. You have two options: either rent a storage unit to house your stuff, or allow friends and family to store part of their stuff at your house. Enrolling in a shared housing programme or hiring a long-term tenant while you’re away are two more affordable options. 

The least expensive nation for digital nomads is Pakistan. 

For digital nomads, Pakistan offers the lowest cost of living. It’s possible to spend $10–15 per day, but it’s rare to spend $30 per day on a lifestyle that is more refined. Even so, if you haven’t stayed in hotels at all, Islamabad’s backpacker hostels and room apartments are both incredibly affordable. Cheap restaurants ranging from traditional steakhouses to street food can be found all over most cities.

Highways connect the capital to other cities in close proximity. The government of Pakistan has worked very hard to upgrade the country’s infrastructure. For digital nomads who need to travel for a quick weekend getaway, the city’s easy access to transport is a big plus. For the upscale travel, locals can also utilise a transportation service. Uber and Careem are the two most popular apps for booking within a city.

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