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Jeff Bezos has once again become the richest person in the world

There’s been this ongoing rivalry between Bernard Arnault and Jeff Bezos to snag the title of the world’s richest person. For months now, these two tycoons have been leapfrogging over each other.

Bezos, the brain behind Amazon, has held the crown multiple times, only to be dethroned by Arnault here and there. Just recently though, Jeff’s back on top again. Yep, you heard it right! Mr. Amazon has reclaimed his spot as numero uno, pushing Bernard Arnault—the big shot behind that luxury empire LVMH—down to second place.

But wait a second; it’s not all about Bezos’s triumph this time. Poor Bernard saw his fortune shrink by $6.73 billion in just 24 hours! Can you even imagine losing that much money? And get this; he’s down nearly $27 billion over the past few weeks. If I lost that kind of cash, I think I’d pass out cold! Now according to the latest Bloomberg Billionaires Index update (I know I check it daily too… not), Jeff Bezos is sitting pretty at the top with an eye-watering $205 billion in his piggy bank. Meanwhile, Bernard Arnault isn’t too far off with $203 billion.

Oh and let’s not forget Elon Musk! That guy’s always in the mix too. With Tesla and SpaceX under his belt, Elon’s got a hefty stockpile of $202 billion at third place—meaning he’s still very much in striking distance to hop back up to number one if things sway slightly. And then there’s Mark Zuckerberg from Meta fame strutting around with his tidy sum of $169 billion putting him fourth on our list of money moguls. Following close behind is Google’s Larry Page holding firm at fifth place with a cool $156 billion.

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