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Army Chief Final Decision Regarding 9 May Culprits

ISLAMABAD: The participants of the Formation Commanders Conference say that in the larger interest of the country, the planners, perpetrators, instigators, and facilitators of May 9 must be brought to justice. Army Chief General The 83rd Formation Commanders Conference was held under the chairmanship of Syed Asim Munir in which Corps Commanders, Principal Staff Officers, and all formation commanders of Pakistan Army also participated. Fatiha was recited for the martyrs of the forum.

The forum paid tribute to the great sacrifices of the martyrs including the officers and men of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and Pakistani citizens for the safety, security, and independence of the country. The forum said that without establishing the rule of law and prompt and transparent judicial and legal action against the perpetrators of May 9, the country will always remain hostage to such conspiratorial elements.

The participants were apprised of the geo-strategic situation, emerging challenges to national security, and the Pakistan Army’s strategy to counter multi-domain threats while modernizing the Pakistan Army and improving logistical support for field formations. A briefing was also given on new technological developments. The forum expressed serious concerns over the continuous violations across the Afghan border and the planning of terrorism using Afghan soil.

Expressing concerns, he said, “Pakistan’s enemies are using Afghanistan to target security forces and innocent civilians inside Pakistan.” Acknowledging the many sacrifices, he also stressed the importance of the development of the newly merged districts to defeat terrorism decisively. The forum also emphasized the need for socio-economic development in Balochistan to counter external propagandists. The forum said that propagandists are backed by foreign-sponsored proxies so that the youth of Balochistan can be kept away from peace and development.

The forum reviewed the current situation on the eastern border and the latest incidents of extrajudicial killings of innocent Kashmiris in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir while expressing full solidarity in the just struggle of Kashmiris for the right to self-determination as per the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

The forum expressed its concern over the inhumane treatment of minorities, especially Muslims, by growing fascism in India to achieve political goals while expressing full solidarity with the Palestinian people against the grave human rights violations and war crimes in Gaza. Condemned.

The Forum supported the decision of the International Court of Justice to stop the Rafah operation and all other operations inside the Gaza Strip. It is being done with the help of external facilitators to achieve the objectives, it aims to create disillusionment in the Pakistani nation through lies and propaganda and to create a gap between the national institutions especially the Pakistan Army, and the people. The nation of Pakistan is fully aware of the nefarious and nefarious intentions of those who spread lies and propagandists and the nefarious intentions of these evil forces will be completely and surely defeated, God willing.

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