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Hundreds of KP Teachers Are Receiving Salaries Without Conducting Classes

Documents reveal that about 200 higher education department teachers. Spread across different government degree colleges in KP. Paid even though they are not teaching. Their improper placement is the cause of this discrepancy.

According to official records, 679 more teachers in government colleges. Are not completing the necessary number of credit hours. Despite the department’s policy requiring two credit hours per day. These teachers are only able to complete one.

For every teacher of KP, the Directorate of Higher Education has set a weekly. Workload of twelve credit hours. Faculty members with additional responsibilities, such as coordinators, controllers, examiners. Chief proctors, are eligible for a three-credit exception. Higher Education Department’s (HED) Secretary claims that steps are being taken. To address these anomalies in teacher placements.

On the other hand, 808 instructors at various colleges have been burdened. By the haphazard transfers and placements, forcing them. Take on additional classes as a result of staff shortages. Six professors in BPS-20. 33 associate professors in BPS-19, 61 assistant professors in BPS-18. 85 lecturers in BPS-17 are among the impacted, according to the data.

In addition, only half of the classes are attended by 285 lecturers. In BPS-17, 163 assistant professors. In BPS-18, 195 associate professors in BPS-19, and 31 professors in BPS-20. Furthermore overworked, attending more classes than they can handle are 16 professors. In BPS-20, 84 associate professors in BPS-19, 238 assistant professors in BPS-18. And 270 lecturers in BPS-17.

What Arshad Khan Said About this KP Teachers Issue?

For the benefit of students, Secretary Arshed Khan wants. Rationalise teacher placements in government colleges. He has compiled information on college teacher distribution and student enrollment.

He recently turned down a request to move two instructors to a government college. Because there are already 88 students enrolled in the teaching staff. But 400 students at a college in Karak had no assigned teacher. Close this gap, Khan ordered the prompt deployment of three teachers.

In order to address the teacher-student ratio, Khan interviews college principals. On a daily basis to determine their facility and staffing requirements. According to sources, the minister and secretaries of higher education are. Blame for the teachers’ arbitrary transfers. They draw attention to situations in which educators are misplaced. Into roles unrelated to their areas of expertise. Which causes disruptions in the classroom.

It is purported that educators use their ties to legislators, clergy. Other high officials to obtain unsuitable assignments. Government degree college administrators are also concerned about these errors. Noting that students may experience academic setbacks.

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