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Balochistan Adopts a Female-Only Staffing Policy in Schools

By ordering the employment of only female staff members. In all girls’ educational institutions throughout the province. The Balochistan administration has made a major contribution. To improving the educational environment for females. 

The provincial education secretary oversaw this decision, which demonstrates. The government’s steadfast dedication to promoting gender equality. And establishing a secure and supportive learning environment for female students.

The provincial education secretary issued the order in Balochistan. Which requires male employees stationed in girls’ schools to be moved to other duties. In addition, the directive places a strong emphasis on filling all open jobs. In girls’ educational institutions with female employees.  

Why Male Staff is Currently Assigned in Balochistan?

As part of the transfer process, male employees who are currently assigned. To girls’ schools are required to report to the director of education. The government’s proactive commitment to tackling issues and giving girls’ education. And well-being in the province first priority is reflected in this decree.

The order, which has received high praise and broad support. Lays out a number of crucial elements meant to guarantee the successful execution. Of the female-only staff policy in girls’ schools. 

First and foremost, it requires the prompt relocation. Of all male employees now employed. By girls’ schools to other positions in the education industry. The government wants to build a gender-balanced workforce structure. That better meets the requirements and sensitivities of female students. Therefore it is reallocating male staff workers to different areas.

The directive also stresses the selection of female candidates. With the necessary qualifications to all open jobs in girls’ educational institutions. This proactive strategy empowers women educators and role models. Who can encourage and support the next generation. Of young girls, in addition to improving career prospects for women.

Male employees stationed in girls’ schools have been directed. Report to the director of education, who would supervise their reassignment. To appropriate positions in the education sector, in order. To promote a smooth transition process. This guarantees that the school’s activities will be minimally disrupted. And the transfer procedure will be carried out effectively.

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